Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013: It Happened

Well, good thing I didn't put blogging on my Christmas  break bucket list. But truth is, I have been enjoying every second of my break!! I can't believe we've come to the end of the year!!

2013. It happened. And it's almost over. So here's a look back at all things posted. Some serious, some funny, and some just random as can be. It's mainly the posts that I myself wanted to stop and reread again while I was scrolling through the year.

January - Dang. I was sappy in January. My roommate turned 25 and I went on and on about things we did together. And we got the first good report about my dad. I was still hesitant, but a good report can go a long way after months of no good, very bad reports.

February - I attended the most incredible professional development I have ever been to and I immediately wished my family, friends, coworkers could all be there to experience it with me. And I'm not a fashion blogger, but dang my spring trends were on point.

March - I created a new blogging tradition of mine and got my first new pair of glasses since high school. I love them and am already thinking about getting a second pair for my birthday....... in July.

April - I hung out with the coolest, most phenomenal African kids I could ever possibly imagine. I was so blessed by that opportunity and cherish the time I got to spend with them. I had super popular post involving the Man BFF and Bro In Law, and I admitted to having a boyfriend, who I dubbed Duck Dude.

May - Glamping with the fam is always an experience. I was humbled by dad's cancer free status. I
had my first guest blogger. AND I hit 10,000 views. Woah, May! (p.s. I'm already past half way to 20,000 and anyone who says they don't look at their pageviews is lying).

June - I made predictions about pancakes that seemed to be fairly accurate and I put professional preacher's date on my resume.

July - I figured out I'm not so different from my six year old self and I turned a quarter of a century.

August - I got a pet coackroach and I prayed for my new students.

September - I had the pleasure of helping Duck Dude move into his new home. We decorated and got settled and now we're having fun exploring the area! Then I defended twerking Miley, to be specific.

October - I came up with my Top 10 list of teaching moments because I was tired of hearing people complain and then my blog became all things Baylor. Which you cannot really fault me for, because that's what I mean when I say I bleed green and gold.

November - I painted my new friend Hedwig and found glitter deer antlers that I'm obsessed with. And I want to buy these antlers from Target and glitter mod -podge them. And if you think I'm kidding, you are mistaken.

December - I went duck hunting for the first time ever in my life. I got serious about Christmas not once, but twice... and I blogged more than I ever have in an entire year. 

And if you ask me why I blog? This post is why. It's because I have this wonderful little place on the webz, that can help remind me of all the things I did this past year. And I love this little place. So much. 

Happy New Year blog land!!! Bring it 2014.

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