Monday, April 8, 2013

What Men Say

My Man BFF post got me thinking about what else men/boys/guys in my life have to say about things. So, I decided to ask them! I sent a list of questions to my man bff in NYC who is quite single (don’t get offended man bff, you know it’s true)…. And the same list of questions to my new bro in law! My sister and new bro have been married for 8 months and I wanted to see if he’s maybe learned a thing or two… The Man Bff’s answers will be in blue and my new bro’s answers will be in green!

I gave them these directions: “Hi friends. Answer these questions and I’ll love you forever. Friendly reminder: my grandmothers read my blog.” And here are their responses! Enjoy!
Fact: You must already love me forever because I’ve sworn to be your brother(-in-law) forever.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as familiar with girls… (the things we do, the things we wear, make up)?
A 10, unless I have to tell you the correct name for things instead of my/the guy term for the things you do. In that case I’m a 5.
3.75  The land of womanhood is a mysterious place, and I’ll be ok if I only make it to a 5 during my life (unless I have a daughter, and then I’ll shoot for 6). 
(sidenote: man bff grew up with a sister, new bro only grew up with brothers… I feel like that makes a difference!)

What is the make up called we put on our eyelashes?
You mean the make-up girls use to line their eye’s with? What is eye liner Alec
Masquera …Mascera…Mascara… spell check + wife = win. I knew what it was called, just not how to spell it.  The name is easy to remember.  Girls like to mask their scare. Duh.
(don’t you love man bff’s sassy response and he’s still wrong. New bro was right on target, we Lindstrom sisters love our mascara)

Who falls in love harder – girls or guys?
Girls. They’ve seen the notebook way too many times.
In most cases, girls. 
In a marriage, both partners should have clear roles in the relationship and should uphold their duties in those roles to the extent that it furthers the marriage (some people find this obvious). Who likes whom more might be dictated by who did the dishes last.

How do you feel about a girl who has mainly guy friends?
That she has a bunch of back-up plans and she doesn’t get along with girls(which means she doesn’t have any hot single friends that she can hook me up with).
That’s not allowed around here, nor vice versa.
If I were dating, I’d look elsewhere. Why try to catch a fish that 4 or 5 other fishermen are circling around, whether they’re trying to catch it or not? One can never tell what’s going on in those situations, so it’s best to take the boat to another part of the sea.
(This is probably why I’m still single… it might have something to do with I’m basically a guy myself)

What’s the best pair of shoes a girl could wear on a first date?
Any pair that she can walk at a normal speed in and that doesn’t make her taller than me. If I have to walk painfully slow for you to keep up with me that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the relationship.
DEFINITELY NOT COMBAT BOOTS (I was told to write that…Otherwise, I can’t say I’d care.)
(Sidenote: red headed sister hates my combat boots. 2nd Sidenote: when I received new bro’s responses I was wearing my combat boots and laughed out loud when I read this.)

How many pairs of shoes is reasonable for a girl to own?
As long as she doesn’t need more than 1 suitcase for her shoes and clothes for an overnight trip and/or need an entire closet to fit her shoes in, then I don’t care how many shoes she owns.
I think 8 is fair. I have 4 pairs of shoes that I use on a consistent basis.
Fact: Women are notorious for the inability to part with any clothing, used or not.
(bahahaha. Oh my. 8 pairs of shoes?? Maybe for one outfit!!!)

What’s the most annoying thing “girls” do?
Twirling and flipping their hair constantly and treating their dogs like their children (they are dogs they can sleep on the floor).
(lame new bro… you could have gone with girls in general… not your wife)

What’s the difference between classy and trashy?
Good question. I think it all depends on the moment. As a general rule though, any girl with a tramp stamp is trashy. Any girl with a spray tan and belly button ring combo is trashy. Any girl with a not natural color of hair(ex. Pink, blue etc.) are all trashy.
Trashy = “How much can I do before people disapprove?”
Classy = “What can I do to make people approve more?”

Name one Jane Austen book.
I have no idea but even if I did I probably wouldn’t admit knowing one.
Pride and Prejudice. It was required reading in High School. I used Spark Notes. If I were in High School today, I’d memorize the characters’ names and then watch a season of Downton Abbey the night before the test.
(new bro’s answer is clearly a reflection of having a wife)

Why are women bad drivers?
Because they are women duh
So, you’re admitting that this is true?  This is the part that is still in the “mystery” category for me.  

I think I'm gonna need a second edition of this. If you have any questions you'd like for me to ask, let me know!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my, this is amazing Mollie! Obviously I'm with you on the combat boots but your's are a tad cuter than mine...and mine are green.

  2. OMG! I love it! Must do a second edition for sure!! I was laughing through the whole thing! And side note, I think 8 pairs of shoes is crazy!! I'm ashamed to admit how many I own, but I will throw Aaron under the bus and say he has at least 20!!!