Friday, April 26, 2013

Dr Pepper Cookies!

Dr. Pepper Cookies are super easy and require 3 ingredients!
1. Dr. Pepper 2. Chocolate Cake Mix and 3. Powdered Sugar

Voila! I made these almost not believing that this would actually work. I even called my mom and said, "So, I don't use eggs or anything??" She told me no and I set off to work. I simply mixed about 6 oz of Dr Pepper with the cake mix until it resembled the form of cookie dough. I put them on some parchment paper and baked them for 12 minutes. I then made the icing with 2 cups of powdered sugar and 1-2 oz of Dr Pepper. I may have used a little too much Dr Pepper, but we'll fix that for next time. I am positive I will be making these again.

Hannah, you and Bro-In-Law will love these. Happy Friday!  


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