Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My take on Boston

I’m sure everyone has their opinions, but I’ll throw mine in there anyway.

I cannot help but think we’re doing whomever is responsible for this an honor by replaying videos of the explosions over and over again. CBS didn’t replay Kevin Ware’s leg snapping in half after realizing the severity of it… why do we have to replay the moment when people’s lives drastically changed forever? What we should be showing is how the people in Boston rallied around everyone yesterday.

The marathoners who stopped running to aid people, the marathoners who went out and gave blood even though they just ran 26.2 miles, the former NFL players who aren’t nfl players in the moment – just Americans. How about the doctor that had just finished the marathon that turned back and ran to help people? People applying tourniquets to complete strangers. An MIT fraternity opening their doors, providing water/juice and restrooms – way to go frat boys. Chicago's Sports page showing their support.

Heroes are the instinctive people. The people that do what they do because, well, wouldn’t you? That is integrity. That is your true colors. That is 99% of Americans.

I like to focus on the 99%, not the 1%, the good that happens after the evil, the heroes over the cowards.

We’re supporting you Boston. 

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