Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin, Seeds, PSL

Busiest week of the year... good to see you. I'm exhausted and it's Wednesday and I've got long days ahead of me. So I needed a happy post to get me through it. Pumpkins make me happy. Pumpkin seeds make me really happy. And PSLs, or pumpkin spice lattes make me jump up and down. (technically this post has nothing to do with PSLs... I just threw it in because it's super blogger-y) 

Duck Dude, his sister, and I carved pumpkins last Saturday!! I have one goal with pumpkin carving... get the seeds out!!! I love cooking those things. We made two different flavors.

Worcestershire Seeds
1 1/2 cups of seeds
3 tablespoons of worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of garlic salt
(We really just threw stuff in until we thought it looked right!)

Cinnamon Sugar Seeds
1 1/2 cups of seeds 
2 tablespoons of melted butter
2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
a dash of pumpkin pie spice
1/2 teaspoon of salt

We baked ours at 300 for 45 minutes. The cinnamon sugar seeds took about 15 minutes longer though, so an hour total. Both were awesome and I think we would carve more pumpkins just to try more seeds! Love them! 

Here are our pumpkins! Duck Dude went for the free hand approach. His sister and I used a stencil. Duck Dude thinks he automatically wins because of his free hand... of a fish... for Halloween. I think his sister's is the best. I went for the cute Halloween approach. Since I hate Halloween, I wouldn't want anything to be too scary so it's like "Ah, a ghost... oh wait.. it's a friendly ghost! Like Casper! Casper the Pumpkin Ghost! Cute!"

Friday, October 25, 2013

More Fun Than Halloween

As I was thinking about my least favorite day of the year approaching.. I started making a list in my head of things that are more fun to do than Halloween. Here's what I came up with:

1. Go to a volleyball tournament. I am so sad that my volleyball tournament falls on Halloween this year. NOT! I just need to make sure my athletes do not have a sugar crash from their sugar high.

2. Eating candy. Instead of passing it out. My mom keeps candy all around the house at all times of the year. It's way more fun to just eat this candy rather than giving it away just to have to replace it again. Plus, everyone gives out chocolate.. because everyone loves chocolate........except for me. I hate chocolate. So I never got candy I would eat... if I actually made it out to trick or treat. I'd rather just sit and eat candy that I like and that I picked out myself.

3. Acupuncture - I've never done it. I don't plan to do it. But it's got to be more fun than Halloween. Halloween is the worst holiday slash day of the entire year. Valentines day is a close second, but Halloween is a "holiday" where you pay to get the color, blood, and guts scared out of you. So acupuncture has to be more fun than Halloween.

4. Count the number of minutes until the next season of the Bachelor begins!!! Seriously, my Monday nights are super thrown off when there is no bachelor/ette. My apartment also stays super dirty because it doesn't get cleaned because people are coming over. I don't have any Tierra-ble the Great comments to make and my sparkle is fading. All is right in the world when the Bachelor is playing on my tv on Monday nights. I'm forgetting what Juan Pablo's professional soccer body looks like. 

5. Go to Painting with a Twist! Instead of going to a haunted house where I would most likely literally pee in my pants, I'm going to paint this little diddy. He is nameless right now, but I am beyond happy to have him in my possession after 10 o'clock tonight. If mine looks 70% cute as this little guy, I will be happy.

Stay tuned on Monday to see my artistic ability or lack there of! 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Newsletter

I send out a newsletter every Monday morning for my students’ parents. That’s a lot of newsletters, so I try to keep them interesting. I’ve never been good at the talking all professional, so I find it’s better for all parties involved if I just keep it real.

Things like this might be included, but not limited to:
     - I’ll get my act together over here on this side of the computer screen
     - Wam Bam! There’s your math lesson for the day
     - Not like a g6.. but like a 6g!
     - If you’re missing your child singing math songs around the house, do not worry… more are coming your way!!
     - Don’t be alarmed by my use of exclamation points. I just get excited. 
     - Peace, love, and numbers

I just type what comes to me. I like to think of it as a gift. Anyways, yesterday I was affirmed, not once.. but twice.. that people like my newsletters. Basically, this a post to brag about how awesome I felt yesterday… but the teachers out there know it’s nice to receive an email that contains praise instead of complaints! And they were back to back! Sent seven minutes apart! The first one was short and sweet: "you crack me up, keep up the good work!" That’s basically telling me I’m hilarious… holla at your funny girl!!

The second one reminds me why I teach… we’ll ignore the fact that she spelled my name wrong because of all the great things that follow:

Hello Molly,
My son “Drew” is in your math class. I just wanted you to know, from a parent, how much I appreciate you taking the time to send out these email updates and study guides for tests, etc.  I know it is extra work for you and I just wanted you to know it is greatly appreciated!  Have a great day!  By the way, “Drew” raves about what a great teacher you are and, up until this year, math had always been one of his least favorite subjects. Looks like you have gone a long way in changing his opinion about math!  Thanks so much!!

Let’s focus on the most important part... changing his opinion!!!!!! I want everyone’s favorite subject to be math!!!! And while that might be slightly unrealistic, I can at least add one student to the category.

My day was made. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


If I were to replace Hank Williams lyrics with words for my family it would be this:

Hey Mollie,
Why do you [stand in front of a blazing fire]?
(To take sic em pictures)
Why do you [wake up at 7 am on sat]?
(To watch the parade!!)
Why must you live out the [traditions that you keep]?

Over and over everybody makes [game] predictions,
So if [bleed green and gold], I'm just carrying on an old family tradition.

7 of the 10 cousins have gone to Baylor. It's seriously glorious. So I asked everyone last night a simple question, 

"What is your favorite part about homecoming weekend?"
Cousin #2 (that's me!!) - the nostalgia-y part of the weekend. How one random minute can throw any one person into a story about "their times" at Baylor. I love stories. 

Cousin #3 - Playing girl or car...... (this might be a game we play where the boys decide whether they'd rather have the girl or the car they're riding in.. sometimes it's a difficult game... I definitely chose David Murphy as he went by.... hiiiiiiii David!!!!)
Cousin #6 - My favorite part of homecoming is sitting on the curb with all my family for the parade...... and winning football games! Sic em!
Cousin #7 - my favorite part of homecoming is the parade with our whole family. More specifically, taking pictures at the parade!!! It is so fun to go watch the cousins grow up year after year on the curb of 5th street. Also, so there is candy, so you can't go wrong with that. 
Cousin #8 - sitting in the same spot on the curb as a family for the parade every year
Cousin #9 - I mean, I'd be lying if I didn't say the football game.. But I also loved freshman mass meeting.

My mom wrapped up almost everyone's sentiments and simply said, "The curb."

Everything about the entire weekend was phenomenal. I loved it all. Until next year buhc... 

He's so good at the bear claw and he's just a freshman!!
My sisters incredible float!!!

The two winning floats.. but I loved my sisters hard work!!!

The curb picture
The standing Sic Em picture!!

Tailgating with the roomies!!!
In case you didn't know... 71-7. the end. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

BBL: Part Three

Just so many good things on this list. The first day I told you there were 77 items on the list. How many things have I physically checked off? 48. Yup. I am proud of that number. Here’s the last two pages:
Things I have  checked off.
  • Watch a Baylor Theater production – the first time I did this it was mandatory for Art appreciation… then I loved it and I went back for every musical. Baylor has some seriously talented people.
  • Chow down on a Vitek’s gut pack – the coolest thing about checking this one off is I can say for a fact that my dad checked this off when he was a student and so did my grandfather. 
  • Consume a George’s chicken fried steak – I have eaten their chicken fried steak, but Pat Green’s favorite (southside chicken) is my go to choice at George’s. A grilled chicken breast with guacamole and pico on top? Fantastic.
George's at Homecoming is even better!

  •  Chomp a Poppa Rollo’s Pizza – Absolutely. It’s a super cool place with excellent pizza. If you haven’t been - Go! (Is anyone surprised I was 5 for 6 in the food category? Me either)
  • Dia Del Oso – Only the greatest national holiday there is. Oh.. it’s not a national holiday? Wellll. We act like it. That’s the day I get to hang out with Brittany Griner and no one thinks twice about it!
I love it so much I go back as an alumni

  • All University Sing – the greatest 4 hours you will spend sitting in a theater. I’m forcing Duck Dude to come this next year because the blonde will be performing in it!!! It’s unbelievable what these college kids can do!
  • Hear a guest speaker at Chapel – say what you will about being forced to go to Chapel and not be on your phone. I loved it. I loved 85% of the speakers, music, and talent that came in. My first ever class (chapel) was listening to the David Crowder Band… I texted my mom and said, “I think I’m gonna be just fine here.”
  • Chat with a professor over coffee or send a thank you note to your favorite professor – I’ve never been shy about my favorite professor.. Dr. Meyer.. now Rogers.. but she’ll always be Dr. Meyer to me. She didn’t just have coffee with us.. she invited us into her home and she prepared me to be the awesome teacher that I am. I not only wrote her a thank you note after my first year of teaching I sent it to the dean of the education school because I think she’s that phenomenal. I cannot wait to see her this weekend.

  • Get your diploma and display it proudly – Ok, mine might still be rolled up in the little tube… but I got it and I am proud of it!! I am proud to be an alumni from the greatest university on the planet.

Things I have yet to do… key word yet.
  •  Nibble on Oriental fries at Kitok’s – I’ve never heard of this eating establishment… but it sounds interesting… maybe I’ll have to find it this weekend.
  • Bearathon – The red head and I trained for about one week for the Bearathon…. And then we stopped. So that’s like a half check.
  • Read or study in a tree hammock beside Carroll Science – This is also where people do those tight rope walking things… I don’t think I’ll ever check this one off.. and I’m ok with that.
Yeah, not for me. 
  • Grab lunch in East Village Dining Commons – This just opened up this year and I am hoping to check it off this weekend!!! Baylor’s dining halls are ridiculous and actually pretty good.
These lists have gotten me so excited for this weekend!!! Only 24 hours and I will be southbound 35 and on my way to Waco, Texas on the almost beautiful Brazos river with my family and my friends and having the time of my life.

See you soon, spot on the sidewalk for the parade, see. you. soon.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BBL: Part 2

The response yesterday was awesome and I am so glad everyone enjoyed it so much. It makes it much easier to write out part two! The college roommate even said it made her tear up.. that’s how awesome these traditions are and how much they mean to us… even though that was not the original intention. Sidenote: she also cried when she turned 25 which is the reason why I give her a 21st birthday card every January. Moving on:

Things I Have Checked Off

  • Walk or run the 2.25 mile Bear Trail around campus – Absolutely. You run the part by the major streets.. get a couple “tap taps” on 8th street and call it a workout. There are zero pictures of this and it’s a good thing.
  • Visit Judges Lady and Joy at the Bear Habitat – This is the first thing I tell my students… we have real, live bears!!!! And they’re awesome. And they actually do sic ems!!! #bearsbeetsbattlestargallactica

  • Hear the echo at the Ring of Honor – This is probably a lesser known tradition. If you stand in a certain circle in front of Pat Neff and talk, it echoes all around you. It’s the first thing I showed the CA cousin when he came to Baylor.

  • Stop and listen to an entire song played on the bells by Pat Neff – guilty. I love those things. Sometimes the sister calls me when they’re playing a song just so I can hear.
  • Sit on a Baylor swing – The most relaxing thing you can do on campus. There is something about swinging on a green and gold swing that is just so serene. (I know the second picture isn't a swing picture.. but it explains a lot)

  • Try to feed a squirrel – Does try to catch one count? I mean, we could say we were going to feed it. Those little things are tricky… and feisty.
  • Kayak at the Baylor marina – on the windiest. Day. Ever. I think I was sore for a week. It took us forever to paddle back up the river against the wind. I was proud of myself. I am not proud of the picture. wow.

  • Savor a coffee at Common Grounds – one of the best places right off campus. It’s quirky, wonderful, and just as expensive as Starbucks… but I spent my fair share of money and time there. 
  • Stroll across the suspension bridge (tossing tortillas) – Definitely a tradition. I love walking the suspension bridge and I’d classify myself as an excellent tortilla tosser.

I couldn't find a suspension bridge picture... so here's a Judge Baylor one instead. 

Things I have Yet to do… key word yet.

  • Find memorial lamppost #1 and read the plaque underneath it – this one has me intrigued. I have no idea where it is.. is there a map of numbered lampposts?
  • Climb the 53 foot rock wall in the SLC – yeah. Never climbed it. I would have made a fool of myself. I’ve watched plenty of people climb it though. So that’s like a half check.
  • Go on a Baylor sponsored mission trip – I never did one of those. I always worked in the summer, but I always heard marvelous things about them. That’s one thing I’ll never be able to check off.
  • Attend a Church Under the Bridge service – I was so busy visiting the 1,396 churches in Waco, I never attended a service under the bridge. But once again, I always heard good things from people who did!
Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BBL: Baylor Bucket List

In honor of it being one of my very most favorite weeks of the year… I am bringing to you an ALL Baylor posts week. Sorry Aggie friends, you’re gonna have to deal with the fantastic traditions of a Baylor Bear for a week. This weeks’ posts got a lot easier when I got the recent Baylor magazine in the mail. It’s simply titled “The Baylor Bucket List.” I was immediately intrigued:

One. It is in actual list form and there’s nothing I love more than a list.

Two. I could actually use a pen to check things off. I love checking things off.

Three. I could reminisce about my Baylor days.

How many things are on this list, Mollie? 77. 77 glorious things that you should do or have done if you’re receiving the Baylor magazine. So I’m going to take this week to take you through the lists and spout off some of my favorite memories of things I have done and things I haven’t done.

Things I Have Checked Off 
  • Take a picture with Judge Baylor – duhh, I have like 128 pictures with Judge Baylor starting from when I was a baby
  • Sip a float at Dr Pepper Hour – My education classes loved to be scheduled in the middle of DP hour.. but when I skipped class, you bet I was there!
  • Stroll Christmas on 5th Street – One of my favorite traditions. Luckily my friends/roommates knew I loved it and they loved it with me. Especially when we started our own tradition of stealing a large really large ornament off of the tree… in the middle of campus.. while everyone was around.

  • Light your spirit at Bonfire and take a picture with friends doing a sic em – which version would you like? Roommates? Family? Got them all. 

  •  Come back for homecoming, even when it isn’t your 5 year reunion – sooo, does coming back every single year count?

  • Sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” at a baseball game – Oh how I loveddd baseball games. Especially when Dr. Wood was there… in his duck embroidered, corduroy  pants.
Supporting home town friends at the Baylor Game!
  • Wear Baylor gear and get sic ‘ems from total strangers – I love this part of being an alumni. However, I am typically the total stranger saying sic ‘em to anyone I see wearing Baylor gear. I just get excited guys.
  • Travel to an away game (road trip) – oh like the time we went to the “white out” Baylor/ATM basketball game? And we proudly sat in the student section with our gold Baylor shirts… and the Bears ended up winning in FIVE overtimes. Yeah, that was awesome. 

Things I have Yet to do… key word yet. 
  • Visit the original Baylor campus in Independence – did you know Baylor was not originally in Waco? One thing I never did was make the drive to see the original Baylor columns
  • High five and/or photo bomb Bruiser – Bruiser is our mascot and I hate all mascots/costumes. However, I had an awesome friend who was Bruiser while I was at Baylor… so we had this deal where if he blew me a kiss, I had to blow a kiss back or he was allowed to come torture me. He never did.
  • Paint your face for a game – uhh, we’re Baylor. I have a reputation to uphold. Someone’s gotta be the stuck up preppy girl. Ha just kidding same reasoning as above… I don’t like things on my face or other people’s faces.

This is only two out of six pages… but I would not want you to miss out on any good stories. Stay tuned!

And sic em. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cheesy Zucchini Bake

I tried a new recipe y'all! And it was marvelous. So marvelous that I ended up eating it for dinner.. with nothing else! That good! It's a cheesy Zucchini/Squash bake that I added mushrooms too, because I love mushrooms. And it goes a little something like this:

2 medium size zucchini
1 large yellow squash (I'm sure you could use 2 medium size!)
A handful of chopped onions
A generous portion of mushrooms
Whatever seasonings you want! I chose garlic powder, lemon pepper, and cayenne pepper.
About 1 1/2 cups of shredded, low fat cheese
1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese for the top

Mix up everything but the 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese and throw it in a square dish. Mine's 9 x 9.. the recipe I went off said an 8 x 8... Potato.. Poe-tahh-toe. Bake it at 350 for 20 minutes.. Sprinkle that 1/2 cup of Parmesan on top and cook for another 10-15/until the cheese is starting to brown on top! Ta-duhhh. 

In other news, I cut about 4.5 inches off my hair. I was totally going to take a cute/blogger picture yesterday when I was all dressed up for my game.... but I didn't. So literally the only picture I have is the one the red head demanded to see and it's in my car sitting outside of sushi Tuesday. You're welcome! 

  Happy Fridayyyyy!!!! And Sic em Bears!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tire Blog

“What's a good number for ya?

“Uh, what are you talking about?”

“A phone number?”


My mind went straight to some tire pressure number or a good price number.. Or some secret tire talk. And all they wanted was a phone number. 

My inspection was up in July. I am duly aware that is October 7th. I get nervous when I have to deal with car people. I've never been good with them and I always sound so dang awkward. I attempted to get my car inspected three times... Once the inspector had already left for the day.. Once I couldn’t even figure out where to park.. so I just left… and the last one they told me my car didn't pass. I thought he was joking. And he said no, you need two new front tires.

Well shoot. I'm entering October that is jam packed with events and zero free weekends and I don't have time to leave my car somewhere for a day! 

What is the solution? Take a day off! Duck dude just got back from Canada.. We could get 2 new tires, and call it a day! Easy enough, right? 

We get there and they come out to look at my tires just like my mom said they would. He asks me how many miles I have and I have zero idea so I turn my car on to see. In the background I hear Duck Dude say, "I'm gonna guess 95.. No.. 98,000" my car comes on and says 98,450... What? How did he know?! Well that's obviously why I brought him along. So they do a little tire talk and decide on something and I pay for it. Four hundred and twenty three dollars. Yikes.

Duck Dude and I go have lunch on a glorious patio and come back. They hand me my key, and we’re about to walk out the door when he says, “Oh, wait. They said they dropped your key fob and broke it.” Oh, cool. So Mario walks outside with us to make sure it still works and I start pressing my button. Nothing. Duck dude says try to turn it on. Nothing. I try pressing the actual unlock button on it. Nothing. Ah, bummer. They broke it, broke it. Duck Dude takes it apart right there (another reason why I brought him along) and says, “There’s not even a battery in here!” He goes on to say that obviously means they not only dropped, they shattered it and tells our friend Mario we will want a new one.

The whole time I kept my mouth shut and it’s a good thing I did. We stay outside while Mario goes to make some calls. Duck Dude tells me there’s nothing wrong with my fob I just need a new battery and if we can get them to give us credit, my tires won’t cost as much! All over my head, but I heard cheaper tires and I was in. We waited, Duck Dude made a few calls to make sure they didn’t cheat us out of money (another thing I would have never thought of) and I end up getting two hundred and eight dollars back!

That’s all fine and dandy if we can get my key fob working again. We get a battery and after the inspection place put the battery in backwards.. Duck Dude fixed it and my key fob is back to working!! Hooray!!! I’ll add “key fob expert” to the list of reasons why I am dating Duck Dude.

And I could currently make it rain with the 20s in my wallet right now. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Top 10: Teaching

Lately, in my personal blogging world, I have found that teachers are blogging more about their classrooms. (Sidenote: when Duck Dude called from Canada the other night, he asked what I was doing. I answered hanging out with my blogging friends... aka just reading blogs. I'm cool.) I love reading other teacher's stories from elementary to high school. There is something about reading about other students that just lets me know I am not alone. So I figured I would join in on the trend and come up with my top 10 teaching experiences so far. Some are hysterical, some are outrageous, and some are awkward. Enjoy and happy Friday. 

10. The ridiculously awesome music videos my students have created. Instead of “Shut Up and Drive” it was “Shut Up and Combine [like terms]”.

 9. The class that would always hide “Petunia the Pumpkin” and make me find her each and every day.

 8. When I got to be a part of a coworker getting engaged... at school... on Good Morning America! Plus, I got to meet and take a picture with the very handsome Cameron Mathison. Hey-ooo.

 7. The countless letters I receive from typing class telling me how much they miss me. “You’re the only reason why I made it to ninth grade.”

 6. The April Fool’s day where they pulled the prank of “pelting” me with wadded up notebook paper as soon as I turned my back for 2 seconds.

 5. When I got personal apology letters from 3 boys that were having an inappropriate drawings war over each other’s notebooks. Most awkward parent phone call ever.

 4. The 8 + 1 = 10 sign they hung on my door that absolutely no one understands and I have to explain it every time and then I look like the kid on the AT&T commercial trying to explain why the joke is funny. “It’s queen that make it funny.”

 3. The day they all collaborated to wear ATM/UT/TCU shirts when the Lady Bears were making their run to the National Championship.

 2. When they created “Wanted” posters and hung them up all.. and I mean all.. over the school when my favorite volleyball went missing. I can neither confirm nor deny that there might have been some intense interrogations as well.

 1. When my students created a wedding date (July 2nd) for me and my classroom neighbor, because we stand by each other in the hall during passing periods.. so we’re obviously getting married. And the paper engagement ring that is still on my classroom door. I’ve been happily unmarried for 3 months now.

 Kids will be kids and when you get overwhelmed by the demands of being a good teacher, it’s sometimes necessary to remember the good times.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sherry = Toby

Yesterday, I was super proactive and got a new ID while I was at the administration building. I had one of the ladies I was writing curriculum with walk me down to the office I needed to go to.... HR. I've gotten emails from this lady before and she's never really seemed too friendly. So the conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Hi! I needed to come and get a new ID!"
Sherry: "Why do you need a new one?"
Me: " Oh you know, my little ID holder broke like two years ago and my resourceful use of scotch tape to keep it together didn't hold up, so they fell out at some point and have since been lost in the deep abyss of middle school world."
Sherry: "You lost it two years ago?"
Me: "Oh yes, maybe two and half years ago..."
Sherry: "And you're just now doing something about it?"
Me: "Well, I kept hoping that they would eventually show up... and then I forgot about them.. and when you have a master key there really is no point to have a swipey ID with you because I don't need to swipe anything, I just use my key!"
Sherry: "It's a security issue. What if someone picked up your ID and used it to get into the school?"
Me: "Well it's been 2 years and no one's used it yet!"
Sherry: "Here's your new one. Try not to lose this one."

She was just a little ball of sunshine and I kind of felt bad for her after I left.... until this morning when I proudly put my new ID on my keys and realized my name is spelled "Molly." ughhh she didn't even spell my name right!!! And then I went back to thinking about how much she sucked. Maybe The Office is right about HR people... maybe they do suck and she was just a Toby and she probably thinks I'm an idiot but I don't really care because I feel like I have a lot more fun in my life than she does in hers and this is one really large run on sentence.

Speaking of my life being fun. I'm super excited that these little pieces of clothing are currently "in transit" to my apartment!

As well as this little diddy... Cause I'm gonna attempt to be all hipster like and wear it on the front of my head... like the girls next to my pretty headband... and I'll probably look at my students with my eye half open just like she is.. and keep my lips nice and pursed to make sure I pull off the full hipster effect. 

Here are two things I got from the above paragraph. 1. I am not a fashion blogger... still. and 2. I will probably decide almost immediately that my ears are way to big to wear a headband like that and go back to my normal way of wearing headbands. It's still a pretty headband. 

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quack Shack

One of the best things about Duck Dude’s new house is it has a shed in the back!

The shed is air conditioned, has cable, and it has an old school phone which I, personally, think is adorable. That way if Duck Dude is ever misbehaving I will just banish him to his shed and I won’t even feel bad about it.

I like to personalize things and I wanted his shed to have a shedwarming gift. So I started to think of how I could add a little something to his shed for him. I’m not going to buy him some nails, caller id for his phone out there is not necessary, and he has plenty of camo…. So I decided to make him something. I make those little sign things every now and then and I started brain storming. "Quack Shack" was obviously going to be used and then I thought about “only dead ducks allowed” as a little slogan or rule for the quack shack.

I utilized my funny resources (thanks blonde sister)… and we came up with 3 rules for the Quack Shack. I went through 2 different maroons because it’s an ugly color I couldn’t find the exact shade I wanted until I settled on a “black cherry.” I still diluted it with a metallic gold to give it a little shine and once I got the color just right I double and triple checked with my two sisters and another faithful Aggie friend.

It’s hard to keep secrets from your significant other, so he saw it before it was done. It was a lot easier to just show him than move everything off of the kitchen table when he came over for the jiffy casserole last Monday. It’s now finished and as soon as he gets back from Canada he can hang it on his shed wall!