Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Newsletter

I send out a newsletter every Monday morning for my students’ parents. That’s a lot of newsletters, so I try to keep them interesting. I’ve never been good at the talking all professional, so I find it’s better for all parties involved if I just keep it real.

Things like this might be included, but not limited to:
     - I’ll get my act together over here on this side of the computer screen
     - Wam Bam! There’s your math lesson for the day
     - Not like a g6.. but like a 6g!
     - If you’re missing your child singing math songs around the house, do not worry… more are coming your way!!
     - Don’t be alarmed by my use of exclamation points. I just get excited. 
     - Peace, love, and numbers

I just type what comes to me. I like to think of it as a gift. Anyways, yesterday I was affirmed, not once.. but twice.. that people like my newsletters. Basically, this a post to brag about how awesome I felt yesterday… but the teachers out there know it’s nice to receive an email that contains praise instead of complaints! And they were back to back! Sent seven minutes apart! The first one was short and sweet: "you crack me up, keep up the good work!" That’s basically telling me I’m hilarious… holla at your funny girl!!

The second one reminds me why I teach… we’ll ignore the fact that she spelled my name wrong because of all the great things that follow:

Hello Molly,
My son “Drew” is in your math class. I just wanted you to know, from a parent, how much I appreciate you taking the time to send out these email updates and study guides for tests, etc.  I know it is extra work for you and I just wanted you to know it is greatly appreciated!  Have a great day!  By the way, “Drew” raves about what a great teacher you are and, up until this year, math had always been one of his least favorite subjects. Looks like you have gone a long way in changing his opinion about math!  Thanks so much!!

Let’s focus on the most important part... changing his opinion!!!!!! I want everyone’s favorite subject to be math!!!! And while that might be slightly unrealistic, I can at least add one student to the category.

My day was made. 

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