Thursday, August 23, 2012


I found the best thing for a single person. A large bag of individually wrapped fillets of tilapia! I think it's perfect for me and I've been experimenting with different marinades for each one! This is my favorite one so far; a honey ginger one! I think you can get it all by the pictures, so enjoy!! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turkey Mango Amazingness

So for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, Caroline and I wanted to cook dinner! I've been a little crazy about ground turkey lately and I found a sale on mangoes I couldn't pass up. So I googled (what did we do before the internet?) turkey and mango recipes and found one we thought we'd try. It. Was. Incredible!! 

I started by browning the turkey and cutting up 2 large mangoes. Not gonna lie, cutting a mango is a little tricky the first time you do it. Thanks youtube for the video to show me how (once again, the internet saved me). 

After the meat is browned here are the other ingredients I used:
1/4 cup of onions            1 tsp Cinnamon          1 tsp oregano
A pinch of garlic             1 tsp Thyme                

 Combine that with the turkey and mango, and then add about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of salsa! Here's the fun part... I've already made this recipe a 2nd time and the 2nd time I changed my salsa to a chipotle peach salsa! It was just as good as the first time! So I think you could choose whichever salsa you like the best to mild or super hot!

Then we served it over brown rice! While it is a hot recipe, it is still very refreshing! I can't wait to make it with my mom! I think she will love it even more than I do! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

BVB Game Day!!!

Game Day is upon us!!! I have enjoyed my summer and this organization SO incredibly much!!

My final amount I raised for the Alzheimer's Association is: 1,287 dollars!
Overall we raised 320,000 dollars and in the 5 years this organization has been up and running we hit the 1 million dollar mark!!!

I am so proud of everyone and feel so honored to be a part of this. I, of course, want to say, "Go Brunettes!!!" but at the end of the day I know it has nothing to with the blondes or the brunettes and all about funding research for a cure and helping families who are currently affected.

I will most definitely be posting pictures later! Thank you to everyone for the unwavering support! It means the world to me.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


This is not an overstatement.
I am obsessed with the Olympics. You do not even want to know how many hours I have cataloged this past week watching tv. I'm obsessed with it all! Every single sport that comes on: water polo, equestrian, rowing, kayaking, and ,obviously my favs, gymnastics, volleyball and beach volleyball. Whew. I feel like I've been so busy... but I've been working on school projects as well... kind of. :)

These are some of my new athletes as well as some of my all time favorites.
McKayla Maroney... did you see her vault in the team competition?? Holy cow. She should have gotten a 16.5! I mean, seriously, look at the judges faces!!!!


April Ross, part of the other team for beach volleyball! I love the way she plays!! I would love if it came down to Ross/Kessey vs May/Walsh for the gold!!
Matt Anderson, on the USA Men's team. All you need to know if I feel like I know him since I watched him in person about a month ago. He is rockin the Olympics.
Ryan Lochte has been my love ever since the world competition in 04. He was my background on my computer freshman year at Baylor in 06, and he is now my phone background for these Olympics. What's not to love?
This is Hamadou Issaka. This is his first Olympics ever and he's only been training in rowing for 3 months. He finished last by more than 2 minutes, but when he came into view of the grandstands - the crowd went wild. He received a wild card bid to the Olympics through a federation that is trying to help developing countries - this was the first time he was even in a professional boat. I just love the story, because it shows that it's not necessarily all about who has come in first.

Here's the story:

Happy Olympics!!!