Friday, January 31, 2014

Things You Won't Hear at the Superbowl

Welp, my basketball season is officially over and it coincides with Superbowl weekend. So I figured I would do a combined post!

We’re the Broncos and our colors are navy and gold… pretty close to the Denver Broncos and their navy and orange. I have to go for Peyton… I just have to. I like him and I don’t care who knows it.

Let’s remember I coach B and C teams… so we’re good… but we’re not A team…. For a reason. So here’s a couple things you’ll typically hear me yell on my sideline... and things you won't hear at the Superbowl this  Sunday  Saturday sometime this weekend!!

What are you doing?!?!?!  (Unless you’re Golden Tate trying to eat skittles)

Who are you throwing that too?!?!?! (Unless your Russell Wilson)

Stop twerking. Your dance moves are sub-par at best! (Unless your Michael Bennett, and your skills are that of my 7th grade boys)

You're going the wrong way!!!!!!! (Unless you're the Raiders playing the Broncos... I'm gonna hope for the NFL's pride and reputation this doesn't happen in the Superbowl)

Why are you walking?!?!?! (Unless you're Pete Carroll.. because he doesn't walk, he struts. And I like him, I just like Peyton more)

Happy Friday!! And Go Broncos!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Year-ish

Duck Dude and I have been dating for one year-ish.

Here’s the truth: we had a couple first dates. One sometime in October and one sometime towards the end of January.

And that is all I know.

Pretty soon after we started dating, Duck Dude seemed baffled by the fact that I do not really collect anything. I stated that the only thing I collect is a whole bunch of shoes that constantly billow out of my closet no matter how many times I arrange them. Then we went to a concert pretty soon after we started dating.. the Turnpike Troubadours at Billy Bobs. We had “front row” tickets that ended up being the very last row of the reserved section and we sat by a very interesting couple who looked like they were 15.

As we were leaving the concert, Duck Dude got me a Troubadour koozie! He claimed that whenever koozies were available he would buy me one and I can collect koozies. I thought it was adorable – a koozie! Ok sure, I’ll collect koozies, why not?

And now that we’ve been dating a year-ish.. it’s fun to look back at the things we have done over the past year!! Each koozie has memories attached to them and that’s exactly what a “collection” is supposed to be, right?

There it is! The koozie that started it all! The Jamie Richards koozie was from one of the first double dates we went on with Duck Dude's sister and at that time fiance! I like that one cause it is blinged out... and who doesn't want their "i"s to feel special on a koozie!

The green koozies! The first one is from when we supported our good friends! They're opening up a brewery in Ft Worth and it was such a fun night! Check out their facebook page here!! The second one is from my 2nd Blondes vs Brunettes game when Kyle Park played at the after party! Duck Dude's entire family came out to support my charity and I love them all for it! 

This is probably my favorite koozie of all! It's from Duck Dude's sister's wedding! It was one of the best weekends of 2013! 

Two more concerts... both at Billy Bob's. I was dyingggg to see Josh Turner and Duck Dude was an excellent sport while I screamed like a high school girl for his low, very sexy voice. Whiskey Myers was a couple weekends ago and for Duck Dude's 27th birthday!! 

And here's our koozie from this past weekend!! 

Duck Dude's sister wanted us to pick a date. I like to think it was Jan 23, 25, 27, or 29 because I like odd numbers better. So happy anniversary Duck Dude!! I can’t believe you’ve put up with me for a year…..ish. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"You Look Tired"

I am #blessed beyond measure with having the privilege of constantly battling allergies. I, currently, have been on 7 different kinds of medications and I still use a box of Kleenex a day.. like packed a box to go with me over the weekend. With that being said, I am also #blessed with dark circles underneath my eyes. Even when I get 8+ hours of sleep. Put those two things together and wa-bam, I look like I’ve been beat up and people feel the need to comment on it.

“You look tired.”
“I’m not! I actually got 9.5 hours of sleep last night and feel awesome, so thanks!”

“Do you have a black eye?”
“No. But you’re about to!”

“You look tired.”
“Well you see, I live this double life and I spend my nights saving the world. So yes, it is tiring… but someone has to do it.”

“You look tired.”
“You don’t look any better.”

“You look tired.”
“Oh so my 3 layers of concealer, pressed powder, and bronzer didn’t work? Thanks for pointing that out.”

“You look tired.”
“You look like you’ve birthed 3 kids and completely let yourself go.”

“You look tired.”
“When you are as magnificent as I am, sometimes you do not have time to sleep… you just roll around in glitter and think about how phenomenal your life is!”

Don’t tell someone they look tired. Just don’t. And if you do, expect one of these responses. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Conquered

I haven’t done a weekend conquered in a while… but this weekend was definitely conquered.

Duck Dude’s friend Dallas always has his birthday get together (do we still call them birthday parties now that we’re adults?) at his Aunt’s ranch. And I have officially decided that there is literally nothing better in the entire world than sitting around a campfire all day and night. We had four wheelers and UTVs drove all around the land. By the end of the weekend I even drove through the creek!!

We ate smoked brisket and mashed potatoes and hot dogs and chili and cole slaw and I gained back most of those 3.6 pounds I lost last week… but the weekend just flew by because time flies when you’re having a blast. And I already want to do it. All. Over. Again. 

 - Being complimented on "you can tell who the country girls are"
 - Talking about terrorists and having a can explode in the fire at the most perfect time ever
 - Shooting skeet and having the bruises to prove it, also not being totally terrible at it
 - Dancing to get back in the car is always a fun game
 - Having a headlamp serve as your light source all night
 - Being out in the middle of a field and jammin' out
 - Shooting Santa with an AR 223 
 - Blowing up a refrigerator only to have the door come off and come flying near you
 - the fact that we're gonna have an awesome GoPro video to commemorate it all!

With the birthday boy!

We're the best group of best friends there ever was. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

That One Time I was on "Cheaters"

…. And by on it… I mean in the background. Like next table over. It went a little something like this.

After hosting the cross country meet yesterday, I was gonna go work out. Then it turned freezing outside and I couldn’t feel my hands, and all the coaches decided to go get dinner instead.

We walk into this small tavern called The Back Porch.. we haven’t been there since we hosted a cross country meet last January. I make friends with the manager and he tells us, “You came on a good night…. The show “Cheaters” is going to be here in an hour.” After telling him he was lying, and he said he was as serious as a heart attack… we started judging every single person that walked in the door.

Is that him? Is that her? Oooo he looks sketchy.

Then these two people walk in and sit directly beside us.
 Sidenote: Here’s the thing about teachers. We are excellent eavesdroppers. We thrive on getting information by listening in on conversations around our room.
So we “overhear” them say something about fake drinks… and we clue in. Oh my gosh… it’s them!

 I tweeted: They’re here!! The couple is here!! The eagle has landed!! The bun is in the oven!! #codewords

Then another guy with a ponytail and band aids on his face came in and sat with the couple. He looked nervous and the three of them started talking and the girl was reapplying make up. We had it all figured out….. until…..

Another sketchy couple came in and sat at the table behind us!! The manager comes over and discreetly points at them. “That’s them!” he said… and I demanded, very quietly, who were the people beside us then? He said actors and the guy in the denim shirt was a producer. We continued to listen in and judge.. and the producer was talking to both people and we were just waiting… and waiting.. and waiting.

And finally, when all of the cameras burst in with their bright lights and an angry red head….. they went to the original couple we thought it was!!! The music stopped, the cooks were out with their phones, and I was laughing hysterically. It was the most staged, fake acting I’ve ever seen… but it was a phenomenal experience.

The manager told me later that he tried to throw us off because we were figuring too many things out. Turns out the second sketchy couple was another pair of producers. Can’t fool us teachers… students try and fool us errr’day and we a’int got time for that!

Moral of the story
  • If you have the opportunity to be in the background of Cheaters, do it.
  • And never trust a guy with a ponytail and band aids on his face.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vaseline Spray and Go

The coolest thing about the coaches office is we're all really good at sharing things! We share the Keurig, we share the responsibility of having to answer 632 questions every morning, we share creamer, we share 1 computer, and thanks to my momma we're all currently sharing Vaseline's Spray and Go!!

I have the yellow one. It smells good, it goes on fast for those quick 5 minute changes... Although I need to master it like the girl in the commercial..., and it doesn't leave my hands feeling like I need to wash them (does anyone else always wash their hands after putting on lotion?).

And I leave the office and head to my classroom without having to worry if my legs are ashy or not!!
**this is not a sponsored ad.... I really love this stuff!! If anyone tries the green or brown one let me know!

Blog Makeover

Guys, I am SO excited to announce that very very soon, my blog will be getting a makeover!!!

I finally gathered up the courage to email one of my favorite bloggers and ask her to help me get in some big girl britches with a big girl blog design!! She sent me a list of about 10 questions that I have taken my precious time answering and have emailed back to her just now!!!

I'm not going to tell you anything about the design... just that I know it is going to be phenomenal!! 

Meeep! So excited!!! Go like my brand new facebook page:

Friday, January 17, 2014

We Were Good Fish Parents

I’ve blogged about my college roommate before… we had a marvelous little house in good ‘ol Waco, Tx.

I haven’t blogged about the fish tank in the house.

We loved our little fish tank and we loved the little fish we put in the fish tank. However, we were somewhat bougie about the fish we put in the fish tank. 

We didn’t want goldfish, 
We didn’t want beta, 
We wanted something awesome, 
that could say "See ya lata!"

Just kidding. Not a Dr. Seuss story. Actually, here is your fair warning that there are pictures of dead and almost dead fish ahead.

We were good fish parents for the most part… and had a couple fish for at least a year!

One time we got a shark… his name was Bruce – yup Finding Nemo - and that night we had a birthday party at the house for a friend. We got Bruce that afternoon and in the middle of the party someone said, “I think your shark is dead.” And there was Bruce… belly up. He lasted 4 hours. We didn’t get another shark.

One time we had a catfish… her name was Kitty – we’re real original with names – and Kitty was cool! We had her for a whole semester… but then there was Christmas break and we left Kitty at the house. We also turned the heat off at the house… because no one would be there. We figured Kitty would be fine just eating…. well stuff around the tank? We did not consider how cold it would get in the house……. And therefore, Kitty froze to death. RIP Kitty, we will take the blame for that one.

One time we got an eel…. It’s name was Eelie – still original folks – and Eelie was our longest lasting fish by far! Eelie lived for a very long time until one fateful night. The college roomie woke up around 4 am and needed some water. She went to the kitchen and stepped on something…. She bent down to pick it up and freaked out when it moved…. If you haven’t guessed by now… it. Was. Eelie. He had flung himself out of his tank home and somehow made it 6 feet into the kitchen. We were not aware of Eelie’s deep depression or his suicidal tendencies. She put Eelie back in his home and waited until morning. When we all woke up we did everything we could to save Eelie. We tried fish cpr… we googled it... seriously. And I skipped class, because I was dedicated to making sure that Eelie would live despite his own actions. In the end, we were unsuccessful. It was a rough day in the house of Rocky, but we planned and executed a beautiful memorial… around the toilet.

Happy Friday everyone!!

**events from this blog may not necessarily be in chronological order.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I love wraps/raps/wraps

I had a wonderful three day conference this week, but I am happy to be back in my classroom! 

With that being said, it's January 16th and I am about to do a fashion post? What is this madness? 

For those of you who do not live in Texas, Texas winters are weird. Our temperatures change faster than Miley can shave off her eyebrow. And I absolutely hate taking coats with me. I would much rather just brave the cold while I walk the 100 ft in somewhere! So the other day we were shopping and I found this fantastic wrap that was lightweight but warm and school appropriate but cute enough to wear out! Transition clothes for teachers are super important. I already wear 2 outfits a day with coaching.. I hate when I add a third! Anyways, that's a whole 'nother blog.. I love the button on it and the way it folds around my neck to give it some height! I think it would look awesome with a scarf!

So when we got home I took full advantage of the red head being in town and made her snap some pictures, blogger style! I love wraps (clothes) slash raps (when Duck Dude flows) slash wraps (food), how 'bout you?

Monday, January 13, 2014

January Babies

I am dedicating this post to 2 of my most favorite people in the world. My momma and my Duck Dude! My moms birthday was yesterday and Duck Dude's birthday is today!!! So I'm going to tell you why they (yup, combined) are so special to me.

1. They both love me even though I'm as stubborn as a pig wallering in mud. Have you ever tried to get a pig out of mud? Neither have I.. But I bet it's difficult.. So yeah, a pig wallering in mud.

2. They both love my cooking. My momma cause she's the one that taught me and Duck Dude because he doesn't turn down much (that's not a fat joke babe, that's a "you claim every meal is your new favorite" joke).

3. They can both make me smile with a perfectly timed text, phone call, or snail mail. (Like yesterday we took two cars to church and Duck Dude gave the Starbucks guy a card to give to me when I pulled up next...... That was probably the mushiest thing I've ever typed on this blog) and mom always sends the most perfect cards in the mail! She's the reason why one of my revolutions is to send out more letters!!

4. They are two of the most selfless people I know. They would do anything for anyone.

5. They're both turning 27!!!! My old man and my young momma!!

God bless January babies!!

Duck Dude's birthday in 2011!!

The red head and mom yesterday!! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Crushed Red Pepper Tilapia

I have officially made it through school a week while being on my new healthy plan. It's going pretty well if you ask me so far! I have worked out three times this week and have eaten very healthy. I got home Wednesday night after working out and knew I had a bag of chopped spinach in the refrigerator I needed to use. I also knew I had fish and sour cream. So I started thinking about how I could use those three ingredients and this is what I came up with! I had red crushed pepper tilapia and spinach mashed potatoes! I, of course, made enough for lunch the next day and my entire meal was a whopping 548 calories. Pretty good, eh? 

Here we go! The fish is so simple (I said the fish, because you could probably do this with whatever kind of fish you have/want!): 

                                                                                                                           You need five ingredients. Lemon Pepper, Garlic Powder, Crushed Red Pepper, and Olive Oil! Once again, I'm not going to put specific measurements.. 1/2 teaspoon vs 1 whole teaspoon - whatever your preference is!                                                                                                                                                                      (I like mine hot.... like I like my men!)
Once you sprinkle your seasonings on the fish, drizzle some olive oil over the top. Cover with foil and bake at 325 for 15 minutes! 

Spinach Mashed Potatoes! You need:
1 package of Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, however much chopped spinach you like (I put about a cup and a half), and 4 tablespoons of Lite Sour Cream

Boil your water, and toss your spinach in there! Add the mashed potatoes, mix well. Then add the sour cream and mix well again! I was so impressed with how many calories I was not eating, I threw a little mixed cheese on top. 


And there you have it! An easy, healthy meal in 30 minutes! I would cook this again for next week!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Verse of 2014

Every year I choose a verse to memorize and be my verse for the year.

I’ve waited until today to post about it, because I haven’t had verse necessarily speak to me this year. So I waited, and I researched, and I thought about what “theme” I wanted the verse to display, and did I even need a theme?, and how would I ever choose a verse out of the thousands in the Bible!!

I was browsing Pinterest one day when I pinned a verse I liked and moved along… slowly the image of that pin has popped up over and over again in my mind. So I have decided to make that my verse of 2014.

Psalm 71:3 – “Be to me a rock of habitation to which I may continually come; You have given commandments to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.”

This verse stuck out to me because of the word “habitation.” Habitation is defined as a dwelling place, or place of residence. I feel like a lot of times the word rock or fortress is used in the Bible it is being used to describe enduring through hard times, but I like how this specific verse describes the rock as an everyday place. Christ isn’t just a fortress during trials, he is our fortress all the time. He is our rock when we’re on spiritual highs and he is our rock at the lowest of lows.

A lot goes on throughout the span of a year and I am sure I will be struggling with some issue at some time. I believe this verse will encourage me throughout the year, no matter I am in 2014.

2014 – Psalm 71:3
2013 – Hebrews 6:19
2012 – John 16:33
2011 – Hebrews 11:1
2010 – Joshua 1:9
2009 – Psalm 46:1

[**only because I’ve had people ask, no I will not be getting a tattoo of a rock. The anchor was a special symbol long before I chose the verse to go along with it. ]

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sales Flyer

Every year I do an activity where my students have to create a sales flyer to practice finding discounts and sales prices. I give them a rubric and release them to let their little imaginative minds run free. Here are some of my favorites and why!

Ender's Game is a classic book that is read during the middle school years. One of my student's creating Ender's Boutique is classic proof that I teach gifted and talented. Shout out to the nerds!

Props to the student who loves horses... that's obviously going to get you on the board! I would love a rhino equestrian saddle for $210. Please and thank you.

Starbucks will not only get you on the board.. it will also get you 5 bonus points if the flyer comes with a 5 dollar gift card. It might be the 3 coffee cups on my desk that gives away the fact that I like my coffee.

This student cannot speak a lick of English, but maybe she's learning her English from Sponge Bob? She also made the board for her artistic skills, because I am jealous of them. 

Made in America. I think this kid must have recently gone to Washington D.C.... because his souvenirs are spot on! A crappy tshirt, an even crappier stuffed animal, a bumper sticker, a key chain, and a snow globe. What else could you possibly want from a trip? 

And I, of course, saved the best for last! The Carnivorous Flower Shop! I think it should be one of the most traveled places! Who wouldn't want to buy a "Man Eating Bush"? However, my favorite is the "Mace in Your Face Tree." 

It's these reminders that I am somewhat happy to be back around my 300 kiddos. I hope you make it through your day without getting eaten alive by a plant. Good day. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bachelor Parties!!

Last night started the Bachelor season of Juan Pablo, or JuaPa, as I like to call him! 

And before I do not do a recap and just talk about food and drank, let's look at my Bachelor/ette watching history. 

I watched maybe the first 3 seasons and then became bored. So I took a hiatus... until season 10.. which was Andy Baldwin - An Officer and A Gentlemen. I watched the season sporadically, but enough to know who the guy was, and enough to know when he came to Baylor I wanted to try and see him. I had class until 3:50 and he was "speaking" until 3:30 and then there was a "meet and greet" type deal until 4. My red head and I decided we would go anyway and at the very least hope to get a free cookie out of the deal. Well, we walked right in and there was no one there and so we started chattin' it up with Andy. This picture ensued and then he started asking me about the "hot spots" in Waco (there's about 2 I would actually take him). 

We met up a little later that night and had a drink AND lived happily ever after.... he was as dumb as rock. Seriously, the conversation was horrible. I mean he's a doctor and all, but common sense, he has none. So when Miss Texas showed up as she was "passing through", I called it a night and said I had school in the morning. But ever since then, I've been fascinated entertained by the show and watch it as a guilty pleasure type thing. 

Cue JuaPa and all his latin glory. For the past 3 seasons, I have had a group of girls... and now Duck Dude.. who come over to watch the Bachelore/ette on Mondays! It's glorious. For JuaPa's opener I decided I needed to go with a little latin theme. So I made sangria and seven layer dip, super easy. 

Sangria - 1 lime, 1 lemon, 1 carton of raspberries, 1 bottle of red wine, 5 cups of gingerale (I suggest not getting sweet red, the gingerale is sweet enough!) The longer you let it sit in the fridge, the better it gets! I suggest about an hour!

The Seven Layer Dip is quick and simple! I don't know if I actually use seven layers, but I still call it that!
1. Refried Beans
2. Sour Cream (taco dip and green onions mixed into it)
3. Guacamole (or just avocado)
4. Cheese
5. Black Olives (on top)
6. Tomatoes (on top)
...... That's six. I know some people put hamburger meet in there... but we were just eating it as an appetizer, so I chose to leave that one out! I've made this for myself and Duck Dude and I've also made it for an entire party. I didn't put amounts down, because it's just however much you need!

Do you see my pi/e plate? Get it? Math teacher got jokes!!