Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sales Flyer

Every year I do an activity where my students have to create a sales flyer to practice finding discounts and sales prices. I give them a rubric and release them to let their little imaginative minds run free. Here are some of my favorites and why!

Ender's Game is a classic book that is read during the middle school years. One of my student's creating Ender's Boutique is classic proof that I teach gifted and talented. Shout out to the nerds!

Props to the student who loves horses... that's obviously going to get you on the board! I would love a rhino equestrian saddle for $210. Please and thank you.

Starbucks will not only get you on the board.. it will also get you 5 bonus points if the flyer comes with a 5 dollar gift card. It might be the 3 coffee cups on my desk that gives away the fact that I like my coffee.

This student cannot speak a lick of English, but maybe she's learning her English from Sponge Bob? She also made the board for her artistic skills, because I am jealous of them. 

Made in America. I think this kid must have recently gone to Washington D.C.... because his souvenirs are spot on! A crappy tshirt, an even crappier stuffed animal, a bumper sticker, a key chain, and a snow globe. What else could you possibly want from a trip? 

And I, of course, saved the best for last! The Carnivorous Flower Shop! I think it should be one of the most traveled places! Who wouldn't want to buy a "Man Eating Bush"? However, my favorite is the "Mace in Your Face Tree." 

It's these reminders that I am somewhat happy to be back around my 300 kiddos. I hope you make it through your day without getting eaten alive by a plant. Good day. 

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