Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Year-ish

Duck Dude and I have been dating for one year-ish.

Here’s the truth: we had a couple first dates. One sometime in October and one sometime towards the end of January.

And that is all I know.

Pretty soon after we started dating, Duck Dude seemed baffled by the fact that I do not really collect anything. I stated that the only thing I collect is a whole bunch of shoes that constantly billow out of my closet no matter how many times I arrange them. Then we went to a concert pretty soon after we started dating.. the Turnpike Troubadours at Billy Bobs. We had “front row” tickets that ended up being the very last row of the reserved section and we sat by a very interesting couple who looked like they were 15.

As we were leaving the concert, Duck Dude got me a Troubadour koozie! He claimed that whenever koozies were available he would buy me one and I can collect koozies. I thought it was adorable – a koozie! Ok sure, I’ll collect koozies, why not?

And now that we’ve been dating a year-ish.. it’s fun to look back at the things we have done over the past year!! Each koozie has memories attached to them and that’s exactly what a “collection” is supposed to be, right?

There it is! The koozie that started it all! The Jamie Richards koozie was from one of the first double dates we went on with Duck Dude's sister and at that time fiance! I like that one cause it is blinged out... and who doesn't want their "i"s to feel special on a koozie!

The green koozies! The first one is from when we supported our good friends! They're opening up a brewery in Ft Worth and it was such a fun night! Check out their facebook page here!! The second one is from my 2nd Blondes vs Brunettes game when Kyle Park played at the after party! Duck Dude's entire family came out to support my charity and I love them all for it! 

This is probably my favorite koozie of all! It's from Duck Dude's sister's wedding! It was one of the best weekends of 2013! 

Two more concerts... both at Billy Bob's. I was dyingggg to see Josh Turner and Duck Dude was an excellent sport while I screamed like a high school girl for his low, very sexy voice. Whiskey Myers was a couple weekends ago and for Duck Dude's 27th birthday!! 

And here's our koozie from this past weekend!! 

Duck Dude's sister wanted us to pick a date. I like to think it was Jan 23, 25, 27, or 29 because I like odd numbers better. So happy anniversary Duck Dude!! I can’t believe you’ve put up with me for a year…..ish. 


  1. i had never even heard of a koozie until I was 30 years old and living in TX. If you come to the West Coast for a date, you might have to find something else to collect. :-) Happy One Year! He seems like a great guy!

    1. ha really? I'd have to make my own koozie or something!! Thank you!