Monday, August 29, 2011

Teams, Parents, Open House

This is definitely gonna be a short post!! I have just enough time before my next activity! Who cares if my next activity is my guilty pleasure "Bachelor Pad" at Kellie's apartment.... I need it!!

School is going well! It's crazy busy, but I love my accelerated classes!! I have some really cool students this year. I can't wait to get to know them even better. My math investigations class is going to be a handful, with all 5 of them. They are all at such different levels and we spent last week just working on multiplication facts (in SEVENTH GRADE!!!!). Crazy.

I have picked my volleyball teams and only received a few parent emails. I think parents expect their students to be on the exact same team in the exact same routine! Welllll, that's not how I do it! :) But I have only had one girl quit! So, that's good! ha

And tomorrow is Mini-School night. I actually like this night because there's only 7 mins a period and parents can only stand and talk for so long! :) Pray that I say all the right things and the parents love me!! 

I promise I'll do better. Hopefully.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Alright, I admit: I've been having bloggin withdrawals.

I have been in and out of town and along with moving, I still do not have tv or internet access! I won't even have it until next Friday! A whole 'nother week and a day! But I'm at my mom's house tonight and Caroline and I have completed a project that I want to share. I promise pictures of my place are coming! I just need a few more touches of things..... and internet access!

But on to my project! I got the idea from none other than If you don't know what the website is, don't look at it or you will spend hours doing so. I'll walk you through the pictures with captions, but the finished project is going above my bed in my room! 

I started buying 40% canvas' from Hobby Lobby. The original picture I saw were all squares, but I decided to get all different sizes!

Then I found scrapbook paper that matched the ideas of my room from Hobby Lobby and Michael's!
Then I painted the sides of the canvas' black!

I cut the scrapbook paper to match the sizes of the canvas'. Then used contact cement to make sure the paper wasn't going to go anywhere! :)

I did a few touch-ups on the edges, and not so patiently waited...

And ta-duhh!!!

The last picture is supposed to be rotated to the left, so I don't know what happened! But you'll see the final product up on the wall once I can blog about my apartment! For now, this is me being "crafty".