Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aggies Win!!

Saturday was a day full of Fs. Food, family, football and FUN! 

We had the most magnificent tailgate with food for hundreds. I ate SO many snacks like cream cheese tortilla wraps, cowboy caviar, cold corn dip, bacon wrapped weenies, spinach and artichoke dip, cheese ball, sugar cookies, sopapilla cheesecake, and chocolate cake. I am an excellent snacker.. and I snacked. all day. 

I played some washers, met some college kids, ended up sitting across from Man BFF, and YELLED my head off!!! I switched seats with 4 minutes to go in the game because superstition is real. Then.. we scored.. we got a 2 point conversion......and then...... the sweet kicker was iced. He does not have ice in his veins, because he missed it to the right and we were headed to over time. 

I stayed in the same seat for overtime and YELLED some more. We scored and they didn't which = AGGIES WIN!!!! And for not getting to watch any college football up until this point, this definitely made up for it!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

I Know I'm Married

I had this great 6 month post in my head and then my little break occured. Now we're almost to 7 months, but I still know I am married. For many reasons more than these nine, but that's what we're going with. Because it's Friday and tomorrow, we get to tailgate at Jerry's World with most of the fam for an Aggie game.... and I am sooo excited!!!!

9. More laundry than I know what to do with. Like, where does it all come from?! I always thought I would want a little boy over a little girl... now I'm reconsidering solely for the laundry loads. (and because I have so much control over that. Ha)

8. I have a Ranger and a motorcycle in the garage. I have been informed that garages are not for cars. Nope. My whole life has been a lie. It's for toys. And ping pong tables. And anything but cars. So now, my sweet Merlot Pearl sits in the driveway.... by the trailer. 

7. I share my bed with someone.... Every night. In the beginning.. I stole the covers. Now. He does.

6. I get encouraged to have dessert. I don't have a sweet tooth... That is not my thing. But with a husband.. He asks about dessert and I'm like that's a fabulous idea!! Why yes, I'd love some key lime pie!! I just won't eat the graham cracker crust.... one bite in... eh. It's date night.. I'll eat some of the crust too. Dessert is good. 

5. I watch more baseball than ever. Just kidding. That's not true at all. I HAVE SOMEONE to watch baseball with me!!!!! And that is a true perk of marriage. 
5b. I watch more golf than ever. Now this, this is truth. But he also watches more volleyball than he's ever watched. So it's fair.

4. We did it!!! I am a part of a wine club and it is faaaaantastic!!!! It's a "bring your own food" place while you taste 6 wines and get to take home 2 bottles. It's all I ever dreamed of.

3. We built a pergola and we already "need a bigger tv". Clearly this won't cut it for outside. Since I typed this he has said it will do for now..... and I know the only reason he said it is because of #2 for him too. 

2. I'm on a bu... A bud.......... A budg... A budget. I am on a budget. (This might be slightly dramatic.. But it's still different.) He's learning my spending habits and I am learning his! He said "no" to buying a gun the other week and I am learning I don't really need a "back to school shopping spree" and a "it's fall I don't have anything to wear shopping spree" and "its spring! shopping spree" and "I clearly need new bathing suits shopping spree." (I really found myself telling him 'oh when I was single I'd give myself this shopping spree'.... I've since learned.. it's just called shopping. :)....marriage.

1. People call me Sheridan all the time. And it's still weird.. But it's definitely becoming normal... Which is also weird. I officially made a new gmail account and am slowly switching over (by slowly.. I mean I've told 6 people) to the new gmail. Do you know how many things are associated with email in this world? The answer is everything.

If you need my new email, holla at your girl.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What I Want Wednesday

With fall approaching... I can say that in Texas.. it's still 93 degrees. Fall happens when it gets in the 80s... break out the sweaters!!! Anyway, it's got to be right around the corner and I am ready to find some new threads to keep me warm through the winter! 

Here are some trends that I think I am on board with this fall.

Jewel Tones
From being in the textile industry with the quilt business, I love pantones. I got to stare at them all day and I have to say I am not hating the jewel tone colors. Their warm hues look good on just about anybody, especially as my tan is fading away.

With colors like "burnt ochre".. how can you resist? I love this sweater. And it doesn't hurt that both of our football teams colors work quite well with jewel tones. Baylor and ATM.

Scarves are definitely going no where this fall season and I am a-ok with that! Here's a couple I've got my eye on. A scarf.. in a jewel tone color. Ohh watch me, watch me! I'm also loving the neutral plaid.. it can go with so many things! And I haven't jumped on the blanket scarf trend yet... but let's be real. I probably will. A blanket and a scarf? Okkkkkkk.

Ear Jackets
Work with me on this one. Call them whatever you want. Ear crawlers, ear cuffs, ear jackets. They are cool. Here's why I think they are gonna be great for the fall. Like we just talked about.. scarves are going no where. I think these earrings would like fantastic with a giant big blanket scarf.. or any scarf for that matter! And just because it's an ear jacket doesn't mean it has to be super edgy. There are plenty of dainty ones out there, like this Kendra Scott pair. Or I am really obsessed with this Stella and Dot pair... and I'm going to a stella and dot party on Nov. 6th! I like the subtle pop of color in the turquoise pair. Then you have the ones that crawl up your ear, which I am not opposed to either!

I wonder one day if I'll look back at this space and say to myself, "I cannot believe I wore *blank*.. what was I thinking!" But in 2015, I think this is where it's at! 

p.s. (sorry for ending with a preposition mom.) 

p.p.s.Look, now I ended with mom! Bonus points!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bacon Chick-Mac-En

Ok, yes. I made up the name of the recipe... but only because "Bacon Wrapped Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Chicken" was a little long. 

You all know Duck Dude claims most of my recipes as his favorite. This one.... this. one. though... elicited a "You should open your own restaurant!!!!" comment... so I really think he liked it. As far as the restaurant, it would have to be like a Cane's.. where we do nothing but serve this. 

While Travis had his comment, my sister's comment was "you're gonna be the only person who gains weight on a gluten free diet." Buuuut, whatever! I did use gluten free macaroni and cheese, which is still extremely delicious. 

It's SO simple... yet SO good. 

Use it as a celebration meal, a make you feel better meal, or just a really good meal. We will definitely be making this again! 


Monday, September 21, 2015

Where I've Been Lately

It's hard to say where I've been lately. I've been everywhere. 

My school year started with a few bumps I wasn't expecting. I lost a lot of things that I had acquired in my first five years of teaching because of summer "cleaning" that no one was aware of. I am also missing my portable hard drive that held all. All. ALL of everything I've ever created. So I'm somewhat of "first year teacher" this year and Pinterest is seriously my best friend. I most of all miss my PowerPoints. All my review games I had created.. And all my practice problems I had to pull from. 

In the meantime we've been to California for the 4th cousin wedding!!! My first time to LA and Pasadena and Venice Beach! It was fantastic family time in beautiful California! 
We've also been to Houston for another friends wedding! We've only watched our college teams on our phones. And I got to spend 15 minutes with my pretty horses on a quick lunch stop in Huntsville. 

I've coached my first volleyball game where my girls came back from down 2-10.. To win 25-21.. And then crush them 25-12. They also added 2 wins from a tournament this past weekend to give them a total of three wins. They were beyond excited because last year they only won two games. I really love this team and am working so hard on improving their skills! They are better than they know and I will prove that to them with more wins through the season. Our shirts say "work hard today"... And that's what we're doing. Every. Day. 

We've celebrated 6 months of marriage!!!!! Sept 7th. I swear it's been six days.. I don't know how it's already been six months. I was sick with congestion crud on the actual day.. But my husband still brought me beautiful flowers that I put right beside my box of Kleenexs. He is the best. 

An update on my students:
The one that spent last year in alternative school.. We're bff. He's my best participant in class and he works for me. That conversation worked.. And I'm gonna keep him on my side as long as possible.
The one with a 24 year old mother is actually my favorite. I love her. And I want to take her home with me. She is still so responsible and I am desperate for her to succeed in life. 
Two new girls who I didn't know when I blogged that first week got in the biggest fight my school has ever seen.. They're both in my class of 13. They come back to school on Monday and I'm not sure how to separate them across 11 people. 

I'm a competitive person. Anyone who knows me knows this. This year I am not teaching gt (gifted and talented). I've taken it on as a personal challenge to make sure my students increase their scores more than ever. I am determined to get them to grade level or stretch them in ways they have never even thought of. I've always said I would teach on level classes the same way I teach gt.. And now. It's my turn to prove it!!! 

After the first week of not blogging, I promised myself I would begin blogging at night. That just hasn't happened yet either. I haven't hated it though... And I've often thought about what if I stopped blogging. 
My husband won't eat his food until he knows I've taken a picture. At one of the weddings he was complimented on his picture taking skills. He is a wonderful boy behind the blog.. But I've really enjoyed this time with him without blogging. So..... Where are we?! I still don't know. Our weekends are full through October with phenomenal activities and life isn't slowing down anytime soon.. it would be easy to say I am finished with this area of my day to day schedule, but I don't think I'm ready to give it up yet. So I'll still be here.. But maybe not so frequently. Not because I don't love this space... I've just got some livin' to do!!