Friday, September 25, 2015

I Know I'm Married

I had this great 6 month post in my head and then my little break occured. Now we're almost to 7 months, but I still know I am married. For many reasons more than these nine, but that's what we're going with. Because it's Friday and tomorrow, we get to tailgate at Jerry's World with most of the fam for an Aggie game.... and I am sooo excited!!!!

9. More laundry than I know what to do with. Like, where does it all come from?! I always thought I would want a little boy over a little girl... now I'm reconsidering solely for the laundry loads. (and because I have so much control over that. Ha)

8. I have a Ranger and a motorcycle in the garage. I have been informed that garages are not for cars. Nope. My whole life has been a lie. It's for toys. And ping pong tables. And anything but cars. So now, my sweet Merlot Pearl sits in the driveway.... by the trailer. 

7. I share my bed with someone.... Every night. In the beginning.. I stole the covers. Now. He does.

6. I get encouraged to have dessert. I don't have a sweet tooth... That is not my thing. But with a husband.. He asks about dessert and I'm like that's a fabulous idea!! Why yes, I'd love some key lime pie!! I just won't eat the graham cracker crust.... one bite in... eh. It's date night.. I'll eat some of the crust too. Dessert is good. 

5. I watch more baseball than ever. Just kidding. That's not true at all. I HAVE SOMEONE to watch baseball with me!!!!! And that is a true perk of marriage. 
5b. I watch more golf than ever. Now this, this is truth. But he also watches more volleyball than he's ever watched. So it's fair.

4. We did it!!! I am a part of a wine club and it is faaaaantastic!!!! It's a "bring your own food" place while you taste 6 wines and get to take home 2 bottles. It's all I ever dreamed of.

3. We built a pergola and we already "need a bigger tv". Clearly this won't cut it for outside. Since I typed this he has said it will do for now..... and I know the only reason he said it is because of #2 for him too. 

2. I'm on a bu... A bud.......... A budg... A budget. I am on a budget. (This might be slightly dramatic.. But it's still different.) He's learning my spending habits and I am learning his! He said "no" to buying a gun the other week and I am learning I don't really need a "back to school shopping spree" and a "it's fall I don't have anything to wear shopping spree" and "its spring! shopping spree" and "I clearly need new bathing suits shopping spree." (I really found myself telling him 'oh when I was single I'd give myself this shopping spree'.... I've since learned.. it's just called shopping. :)....marriage.

1. People call me Sheridan all the time. And it's still weird.. But it's definitely becoming normal... Which is also weird. I officially made a new gmail account and am slowly switching over (by slowly.. I mean I've told 6 people) to the new gmail. Do you know how many things are associated with email in this world? The answer is everything.

If you need my new email, holla at your girl.

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