Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pick Me Ups

I love when my students make my day. When they take keyboarding, they go over how to write a formal letter. They write their letters to teachers and then we get them in our boxes! I love when I get them and I love reading them! I keep them all and will put them in my file because one day I am determined to write a book with all the funny things my students have said.

Then on my recent probability quiz my students had to write their own situation that had the probability of 100%.Some of their answers were hilarious. I love when they make me smile!

My girls looove the show Dance Moms.

Molding minds.. one outfit at a time!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I love spring cleaning. It's a wonderful feeling for me and I usually set aside an entire Saturday. :) I am very good at getting rid of clothes that I never wear. I'll give them to my sisters or give them to my mom for the friendship house. What I am not good at, is getting rid of shoes. 

You see, my closet is overflowing with my shoes. Here's the proof. I have an entire sweater organizer full of shoes and then there's the ones all over my closet floor. I have some double stacked, but some (like my boots) you just have to have on the floor.

I have a wonderful student parent that emails me all sorts of sales and deals during the week. Recently she sent me the Container Store's Spring Sale!! I found an 8 Shoe Organizer that I immediately knew I needed. So I went that afternoon. The slots were going to be just perfect to put a piece of scrapbook paper down to make it a little more me! Although the box said "light assembly required", I wasn't worried.

I got home... opened the box and got to work with my handy pink tool set. Light assembly required... I can do that! No problem.

Yes, this is as far as I got before I called it a night. Actually I decided I'd eat dinner and come back.... but I never came back! :) You can see from the picture that I would start putting the screws in, but I was not strong enough to be able to get them all the way in!!! Soooo, I had to call in the reinforcements.... the power tools.... Dad. When Dad came over for Easter I asked him if he'd arrive a little early to help me with a project. It was done in 5 minutes. ha Thanks Dad!!!

So finally this morning, I woke up and started the process of putting my winter clothes away and getting my spring/summer clothes out! I texted Caroline and just told her I swore my clothes just smelled like spring and summer even though they've been in a suitcase for 6 months! It gets me so excited. Once I finished my clothes, I brought in my new shoe organizer and I have to say: I love it!!! It looks so much nicer! I already have 9 pairs of shoes in the "8"... and I haven't even used the bottom two slots. Then there's also on top of the organizer as well. 

 Guess that means I need to go shoe shopping! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fantasy Baseball

If you know me at all... you know my love of sports.. and especially baseball.

But for the first time ever, I am playing fantasy baseball with Julie! We're both super busy and figured we could tag team and work together since we've both never done it before. We were on the phone together during the draft and that's when I knew it was an excellent decision. Even the draft was full of laughs and possibly drafting players only because they were "hott"! :) 

We're playing with a group of girls, so there's a little less pressure! Mainly were all doing it for fun, but I have a feeling my competitive side will kick in... seeing I've checked the website once every day so far! ha 

I never wanted to play because I thought it would mess up my loyalties to the Rangers... but I feel in baseball it's easy to root for individual players to do well as long as my Rangers keep winning! So if I ever mention my fantasy team, that's what I am talking about!! 

So I'm officially rooting for the Rangers this season..... and my fantasy team!!! Yaaay baseball season!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Awesome Tessellations!

2nd year in a row for this particular post... but I can't help but post these!! They're awesome!!

Always a favorite for the math teacher, come on! :) 

"Hungry Like the Wolf" (a guy in a wolf costume!)

"Starry Night with a Twist"

"The Mockingjay" .. the symbol from the Hunger Games!!!! 1st Place Winner

 These next three are turned sideways and I have no idea why!! :( So just turn your head sideways! ha
Ms Lindstrom.. I know you love to paint your nails!!

Peacock! Mindi.. this one is for you!
"Blue Birds of the Night" (The birds are pulling the night across the sky.... very deep!)

"Burning Leaves" Lots of detail.. they really look like leaves!

"When Worlds Collide" Another first place winner.  This one is cool.. The buildings you see right now are  "NYC 2012" but if you turn the paper upside down, the green buildings say "Oz 1939" which is the year Wizard of Oz was made!

"Fishy Faces"

"Two is better than One" As a Texas girl I couldn't over look the cowboy boots!