Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Awesome Tessellations!

2nd year in a row for this particular post... but I can't help but post these!! They're awesome!!

Always a favorite for the math teacher, come on! :) 

"Hungry Like the Wolf" (a guy in a wolf costume!)

"Starry Night with a Twist"

"The Mockingjay" .. the symbol from the Hunger Games!!!! 1st Place Winner

 These next three are turned sideways and I have no idea why!! :( So just turn your head sideways! ha
Ms Lindstrom.. I know you love to paint your nails!!

Peacock! Mindi.. this one is for you!
"Blue Birds of the Night" (The birds are pulling the night across the sky.... very deep!)

"Burning Leaves" Lots of detail.. they really look like leaves!

"When Worlds Collide" Another first place winner.  This one is cool.. The buildings you see right now are  "NYC 2012" but if you turn the paper upside down, the green buildings say "Oz 1939" which is the year Wizard of Oz was made!

"Fishy Faces"

"Two is better than One" As a Texas girl I couldn't over look the cowboy boots!


  1. Omg! These are all so great! Of course the peacock one is my favorite :) but I love the mockingjay one too!

  2. You have some seriously creative students Mollie. Awesome!