Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I love spring cleaning. It's a wonderful feeling for me and I usually set aside an entire Saturday. :) I am very good at getting rid of clothes that I never wear. I'll give them to my sisters or give them to my mom for the friendship house. What I am not good at, is getting rid of shoes. 

You see, my closet is overflowing with my shoes. Here's the proof. I have an entire sweater organizer full of shoes and then there's the ones all over my closet floor. I have some double stacked, but some (like my boots) you just have to have on the floor.

I have a wonderful student parent that emails me all sorts of sales and deals during the week. Recently she sent me the Container Store's Spring Sale!! I found an 8 Shoe Organizer that I immediately knew I needed. So I went that afternoon. The slots were going to be just perfect to put a piece of scrapbook paper down to make it a little more me! Although the box said "light assembly required", I wasn't worried.

I got home... opened the box and got to work with my handy pink tool set. Light assembly required... I can do that! No problem.

Yes, this is as far as I got before I called it a night. Actually I decided I'd eat dinner and come back.... but I never came back! :) You can see from the picture that I would start putting the screws in, but I was not strong enough to be able to get them all the way in!!! Soooo, I had to call in the reinforcements.... the power tools.... Dad. When Dad came over for Easter I asked him if he'd arrive a little early to help me with a project. It was done in 5 minutes. ha Thanks Dad!!!

So finally this morning, I woke up and started the process of putting my winter clothes away and getting my spring/summer clothes out! I texted Caroline and just told her I swore my clothes just smelled like spring and summer even though they've been in a suitcase for 6 months! It gets me so excited. Once I finished my clothes, I brought in my new shoe organizer and I have to say: I love it!!! It looks so much nicer! I already have 9 pairs of shoes in the "8"... and I haven't even used the bottom two slots. Then there's also on top of the organizer as well. 

 Guess that means I need to go shoe shopping! :)

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