Friday, January 30, 2015

Sprinkle Pixie Dust

More confessions today. Because they're necessary. 
 1. I confess that the internet has been out for 2 days at my school, which has led to no blogging, which has led to no wedding Wednesday post, which has led to pushing the "shower" post back because we have our last one this weekend and I might as well do all three together now, which has led to me actually wanting to do the post on Monday rather than "wedding Wednesday" and I super confess that I am ok with all of the above.

2. I confess that I got super interested in our wedding book when they mentioned My Fair Lady, because that's totally the way to my heart. Then I realized, Duck Dude has probably never seen My Fair Lady and we are going to have to change that! 

3. I confess that school has been a downer for me this week. My one challenging class is really challenging me and I am feeling like I am inadequately meeting all of their needs. I need to clone myself for that class because I just cannot make it around to every little math mind in the room... and each little math mind neeeeds me. And I get good news about helping one of my lovelies and I turn around to see this. My new student using tally marks to figure out what 8 x 2 is. Tally marks. And she still got 8 x 4 and 8 x 5 wrong. And I'm back to feeling almost helpless.

3. I confess that I feel an absurd amount of joy that basketball season is over. I love basketball season, because I get to be the fun assistant coach, rather than the stressed out head coach.... but I've been looking at it like a milestone. Finish basketball season and it's basically the wedding!

4. Holy crap!!! It's basically the wedding!! 36 days and I still have a whole bunch of tiny little details that I do not even know the answer to!!! So, I confess that I might be in a little bit of stress mode. 
5. I confess that I am super excited for our couples shower tomorrow!! I think it's going to be so fun.. even though it's supposed to rain! I also confess I am trying extremely hard not to pick off my shellac before tomorrow. One more day. Self control. Don't pick. 

6. I confess that I cannot get this video out of my mind. We watched it yesterday at my Valor meeting, and I keep relaying the main message in my head. Sprinkle pixie dust. Sprinkle pixie dust. What if all teachers treated their students like Disney treats their guests? My students might feel like they've been pooped on by a bird and then they come to my class. And it's my job to sprinkle pixie dust.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lemon Butter Tilapia with Zucchini

When I posted about the Tuscany Soup, I mentioned I had made another really awesome recipe! Several of you inquired about it, and I still never posted anything! 
It's because I have been saving it for a day like today. Today we go on a field trip and I'm stuck with my worst class full of behavior problems. I'm really excited about it. 
But in all seriousness, need a dinner recipe tonight? Try these (in my best infomercial voice)! They're fast, easy, and Duck Dude approved! And I am even linking you directly to the recipe via pinterest, obviously. Duck Dude and I buy the individually wrapped fish filets. They are super convenient!
Side dish: Parmesan Zucchini

Main dish: Lemon Butter Tilapia (or any kind of fish!)
*for a little bit of a kick, add in some crushed red pepper!

Ta-duh! Dinner from pinterest that you hopefully know will not end in a pinterest fail!

Monday, January 26, 2015

You've Got to Go {Ed. 2}

In August, I did this post over deleting extremely old contacts from my phone.
After facetiming with my sisters roommates last night while flipping between Miss Universe and the Pro Bowl, we discussed a certain infamous Baylor memory. Then I realized, I still had this contact in my phone!!! Whyyyy? I have no idea. And that's how you get to read, You've Got to Go, Edition 2. And I'm still only changing one name.
Allan Murphy - Thanks for sparking another deletion of contacts. I hope that arrest on your record from pouring beer on a Baylor cop and getting tazed hasn't ruined your life... Are you still dating that 38 year old? Clearly, you've got to go. 

Cameron Kline - Dear offensive lineman for Baylor, you were a really great contact to have while I was at Baylor. But I no longer need your comic relief of passing gas during yoga class. You've got to go.
Stuart (I actually don't know) - You're 7 feet tall and really nice, but that is where my feelings have always stopped. Sorry buddy. You've got to go.
Carter Frank - Hey prom date. We had a great time at prom, but I broke up with you to go to Baylor.... and you're still working at Razoo's as a waitor. You've got to go. 
Tyler Sprink - While taking me on a date to play basketball would have been a good idea.... you should have let me known it was a date.... because then I would not have gone. Sorry you didn't know you had been friendzoned. You've got to go.
 Trevor Jacob - While I am flattered you didn't wait long to "hit me up" after I broke up with your best friend, no thanks. Always, no thanks. You've got to go.

Patrick Lynch - Thanks for hosting all the parties in high school, it was really great. But, now we're 26 and you still host the same parties, with the same people. At least Carter Frank still attends! You've got to go.
Harrison Sanders - Hey, I'm sorry I ran away screaming when you tried to kiss me... that was probably a pretty immature move. Don't sue me with that law degree you got.
And now I have accomplished something today. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Confessional Friday

Here we go! Just a couple simple things.

1. I confess that I am stupid excited for the showers this weekend! I am excited for the dresses I am wearing. I am excited for the people to come! It just feels super wedding-y and that makes me really excited!!!

2. I confess that I am getting my first "blowout" at the Dry Bar for the shower tomorrow. Just to make sure my hair is super on point. Hi, I'm Mollie. I'm from Texas and I want a lot of volume. Like, a lot. 

3. I confess that I actually have not been looking at our registry online! It's so hard, but I want to be surprised when I open the gifts! But, I do look at how many have been purchased. I can't help it. 

4. I confess that I have been dreaming about Kendra Scott's new collection that has come out. It's soooo pretty. And so springy and really, really pretty. Just look at this. 

5. I confess that I am about to not so humbly brag on myself. Something that has been on my bucket list every since I began teaching has been accomplished. I went to a really amazing conference a little while back, but it was very expensive. So, I wrote a grant to our education foundation to cover the cost.... today, I got this little button in the mail saying "Grant Recipient"!!!!! I feel very accomplished this Friday! 

Happy, happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Living Out of 3 Houses

A while back I wrote a post over not living together, and Duck Dude and I are sticking to it. 

I moved out of my 800 square feet of fun apartment and in with..... my mom or my roommate, whichever you prefer. The inconvenient thing about my mom's house is it's about 45 minutes away from my school. On game nights, I don't leave school til around 8:30...... So, my wonderful Sal Pal offered to let me sleep in her extra bedroom whenever I needed! Isn't that fantastic? She can literally throw a rock and hit the school, so that is super convenient!! So my mom and my Sal Pal are really like my half-roomates... they have shared custody of me, and I enjoy staying with both of them!!

However, allllll of my other stuff is at Duck Dude's house. Which is awesome, because we won't have a ton of stuff to move when we get married! I'll bring the clothes I have with me, and that's about it! But until then, I'm living out of suitcases and my stuff is scattered around 3 different locations. 

Here are some conversations you might here when you're living at 3 different houses. 

Duck Dude
Me: Hey babe, can you go look in this one box in the garage and find the scarf I need to wear tomorrow and bring it with you tonight to my moms?
DD: What box?
Me: The blue tub. There's a couple but I think they're in there.
DD: Uh, I cannot find it.
Me: Well, it might be upstairs in the guest bedroom.
DD: Nope, still can't find it. 
Me: Oh my gosh, all of my scarves are lost forever!!!!!!!

Me: Hey mom, can you go look somewhere in my room for my allergy medicine? I'm almost out of what I have. 
Mom: Any idea what bag it is in?
Me: I think it's in a pink and orange bag.... but it may be at Duck Dude's house.... and it's a small bag. Smaller than a grocery sack.
Mom: {Mom sends selfie with her and the bag}

Sal Pal
Me: Oh my gosh, I don't have my ID or one of my credit cards. 
Sal Pal: Where are they?
Me: They are still in the clutch that I used this weekend for the bachelorette party!! Oh man! 
Sal Pal: Don't get pulled over!!
......30 minutes later....
Me: I FOUND THEM!!!!!!! My clutch was in my purse, which I thought felt heavier, but I didn't think about looking in it... but I finally looked in and there was my clutch!!! And my phone charger!! Which I just thought was a casualty of the weekend. 
{Sal Pal laughs at me}

The good news is... only 45 more days of this!!! :) Then, I'll just be an old married lady!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bachelorette Success!

I survived the weekend!!!! And had the most fabulous time ever!!!

Kendra Scott was fantastic! I highly suggest it to anyone who wants to give their bridesmaids earrings or jewelry for their gift! Each girl got what they want while I loved watching all of their personalities.

Then Saturday, we headed off to brunch!

Before we realized there was a parade we had to cross to get there...... twice!!!! But we did it and we made it and no one got trampled!!! And then I had a phenomenal shrimp and asparagas omelet!!

Shout out to the very pregnant Ashley who is giving birth this Thursday!!! She crossed the parade twice and did it semi-gracefully!!! :)

So many friends!! I felt so special!!!

 My beautiful sisters and matron and maid of honor!!!!

Thank you for a magnificent weekend!!! You all are the best!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Party Time!!!!!

Bachelorette Party Time!!!!!!!! And you're all invited!!! Except I do not know any plans!!! But here's what I know:

My invitations are fantastic.

Tonight we are starting with just the bridesmaids! My bridesmaids live in North Carolina, Waco, Prosper, Dallas, Houston, and Austin. And I told my sisters from the beginning, I just want to spend time with my friends!! These are my 6 best friends and I want to hang out!! I am not doing "getting ready" shirts... and I heard of a cool opportunity. Down in the south, we all love Kendra Scott. If you haven't heard of her, hurry up and click over to her website because she's fabulous.

So, tonight, me and the bridesmaids are headed to Kendra Scott to pick out their earrings for the wedding! I have picked a color and I am letting my bridesmaids pick whatever style they want as their bridesmaid gift! All the while, we get served wine and cheese! That's a win, win in my book!!!

And then dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that I never treat myself to. It's called Seasons 52. They change their menu out all the time and nothing on their menu is over 475 calories, but everything is delicious!! I cannot wait for everyone to try it!!

Then Saturday, I only know one thing. Brunch! 

I haven't done any research on the place, because I think it will be fun to be surprised. Then I know there will be a lingerie party somewhere in there (ow ow!!) and then the invitation said "dinner and dancing the night away." I know Bridesmaid Julie and Sister Hannah have done a magnificent job planning and I just cannot believe it is here!!! 

Then after all the fun, the whole family (because everyone's in town) is going to Beauty and the Beast on Sunday. It was technically my mom's birthday present!!! She was totally surprised!!! It's only ever been me and my mom that have seen shows together, so when she found out everyone was going she may have cried..... but she claims it was just her allergies. 

My fellow coach offered to take my kids during our study hall time period today!! And told me to get on out of here. So as of 2:15 this afternoon, I'm breaking out and leaving...... I have to get my party pants on!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

Yesterday, I was at a math meeting, and I can barely keep up with where my clothes are right now, so there's been no pre-blogging the night before, which explains the no post yesterday. 
Today is random and I'm not gonna apologize for it. First up, I blogged about my verse of 2015 a week ago and it's still currently my "most viewed post" this week. And that makes me really happy. I appreciate that this post is making it's rounds. It's one of those posts where I feel super vulnerable, because it's a very personal thing. These verses stay with me for a lifetime and there's always that fear of backlash when you post on such a public place. So, the fact that people are still hangin around it a week later is cool. 
We have a huge basketball game tonight against one of my best friends in the school district! Both teams are undefeated and both teams want desperately to win. My friend, Rachel, decided to put "play like a girl" on her basketball shirt!! So we will all be in our play like a girl shirts and I think that is really awesome!!  So, we have this really competitive game, but we're still one unit in supporting our adolescent girls!!! I think it's a pretty inspirational message. 

My next favorite thing about Rachel is she will be a gracious winner or loser. And then she will come to my bachelorette party this weekend and we will have a grand 'ol time!!! I'm very appreciative about not having to worry about the outcome of the game and if it will affect my party this weekend.  Friends can be a funny thing, and I'm glad she's a good one.

Speaking of my party this weekend, the fun stuff has arrived!!!!! The rest of my weekends in January of full of fun wedding things and I am so excited!!!! More on that, specifically, tomorrow!! 
Any former brides have tips on how to make sure you soak it all in? I want to try and remember everything about parties, showers, rehearsals, and the wedding! How do I do that? A whole lot of pictures? Keeping every momento possible to make a scrapbook? Blogging will obviously help a little, but I am open to other tips as well. 

And those are all the thoughts I have on this Thursday. Hurry up Friday!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cheers to Duck Dude

Cheers to my Duck Dude!!!!!! It's his birthday today!!!! 

Here are the top 10 [not so serious] reasons I am cheers-ing him today!!

10. He has stellar dance moves.

9. He makes a great Statue of Liberty.

8. He's capable of surviving a 14 degree football game.

7. He looks realllllly good in camo.

6. His duck face is perfection. 

5. He's a male model.

4. No, really. 

3. He is the Captain Blood.

2. He celebrates the big and the small with me.

1. He doesn't mind being the boy behind the blog. 

Cheers to you dinosaur!! I love you!!! I can't wait to be your Mrs. in 53 short days!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Recap of Weekend

Ok, I am starting my Monday off with an admission. I made a mistake. This never, ever happens... it's actually my first mistake of my entire life. On the soup from last Thursday, I forgot to put garlic in the recipe!!!! When we sauteed the onions we put about a teaspoon of minced garlic in with the onions. That's just a staple though, right? Onions and garlic. So anyway, make that little change!

And we spent all weekend celebrating Duck Dude's birthday and I did the worst job ever of taking pictures.... but I did snap these of him and his best friend - Hats backwards, jacket around the waist, off and ready to play games like the big kids they are!!! And, of course, we all let Duck Dude win bowling... because it's his birthday, so we were all nice... but I would like to point out I got second. And I was proud.

And I'm not ready to talk about the Cowboys yet... so after that miserable game, I figured we might as well put our Christmas things away and then unpack. So, I put on my trusty headlamp, my serious face, and got to work.

And today starts a super fun week!! Today is my momma's birthday and since she's my roommate I planned a super awesome dinner (not really, just a restaurant)... but my mom said, "Uhhh, football is going to be on... let's just order food and watch football." And I said, "You're brilliant and I love you...... annnd happy birthday!!!!!" I'm also going to tell her about her birthday present later tonight... but us sisters haven't quite decided how we are going to tell her, so we are still working on that!!

And did I mention my bachelorette party is this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! The fun activities are here!!!!!

And it's someone else's actual birthday tomorrow. Someone semi important. Basically, it's not a bad Monday around here and that is awesome.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday: We're in the 90s Again

Yup, I said it. It's happening. We are in the 90s again. I don't hate it, but I definitely know it. And I can prove it. Top five reasons the 90s are back. 

5. Boy bands are back. I definitely do not hate this one. NSYNC was my absolute jam, but I could never bring myself to hate BSB. They had good songs too. But if I had to pick, NSYNC all the way. Especially when I got to go to the NSYNC Justin concert this past December. My 21 year old sister requested we dvr the One Direction special. And she wouldn't stop talking about it!!! One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Wanted, and about 2,853 more. 

4. Bollllld Patterns. This is what Duck Dude's high school cousin wanted for Christmas.  
And this is what I considered getting Duck Dude for Christmas. But I talked myself out of it. I wasn't sure if he was ready for the entire 90s commitment. 
3. Gas is CHEAP!!! Under two dollars!!!! I remember the summer I turned 16, gas was 0.99 and as a highschooler I was annoyed when it got up to $1.25 because I was broke and all my money was going to gas. Funny. However, now I can fill my entire SUV up for 36 dollars and it's marvelous!!!

2. High Waisted Shorts. I prefer the term hot pants. And I will never wear them, but, wow, my students do! I see their pictures on Instagram and I don't know how they wear them! I would look so terribly silly and nothing like this girl. 

1. The Cowboys won a Playoff Game!!!!!!!!! And I am ok with everyone jumping on the bandwagon!! I will help them climb on!!! Let's go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!! If Brett Favre was still the quarterback I might have a bigger issue with this weekend's game, but while Aaron is cute in all his discount double check-ness...... Cowboys! All America's Team!!!!!! Go Boys!!!!

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate

Happy Friday!!!