Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Countdown: All Things Wedding

I loveeee countdowns. And right now, we are couting down to a whole bunch of wedding things!! So, Here are all of the events I am looking forward to.... mostly related to the wedding! A few birthdays are slipped in!

6 days until it's my Momma's birthday. She's had a lot of birthdays in my days... but I am excited about this one because all of my sisters and I are surprising her with a treat. Stay tuned.

7 days until it's my Duck Dude Fiance's 28th birthday!!! Then we will be the ages we will be when we get married!!!! 

11 days until I'm partying it up with my bridesmaids and friends for my bachelorette party!!!! I'm not sure what all is planned... but I know I'm going to like it!!! I will be soooo excited for all my bridesmaids to be together with me!!! It's gonna be good.

18 days until we have our first shower. I have gone to sooo many church showers... and now, this one is for me!!! I think this will be a surreal moment! We are so excited about so many of the things we registered for... hopefully I won't have to do the fake "oh my gosh!!"

19 days until Travis' church shower! I am grateful for a fiance who is willing to come to the shower with me! Props to you babe!

24 days until our couple shower!!! This one is going to be fun! Way more of a friend gathering than a shower and I am super excited for it!! I've always loved going to these and I still can't believe it's for us! That's crazy!!!

28 days until I get fake lashes put on! I am treating myself because I want to look my absolute best for my pictures and my soon to be husband! I would only trust my hair person to ever get close to my eyes. She's the best.

33 days until bridal portraits!! Everything is going splendidly, except for I do not know where I'm taking pictures yet. Suggestions are welcome.

Then my February is pretty quiet and I like it that way. I'm sure it won't actually be quiet once it gets here, but that's ok.

57 days until I am off of school and running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Red head arrives from North Carolina to calm me and help me realize it will all be ok... or something like that.

59 days until I. am. getting. married. Husband. and. Wife. married!!!!!

61 days until we are on a plane and headed to St. Lucia!!!! Holy cow!! I am so excited to be married and headed off with my husband!!!

And off we go!!

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