Monday, January 12, 2015

Recap of Weekend

Ok, I am starting my Monday off with an admission. I made a mistake. This never, ever happens... it's actually my first mistake of my entire life. On the soup from last Thursday, I forgot to put garlic in the recipe!!!! When we sauteed the onions we put about a teaspoon of minced garlic in with the onions. That's just a staple though, right? Onions and garlic. So anyway, make that little change!

And we spent all weekend celebrating Duck Dude's birthday and I did the worst job ever of taking pictures.... but I did snap these of him and his best friend - Hats backwards, jacket around the waist, off and ready to play games like the big kids they are!!! And, of course, we all let Duck Dude win bowling... because it's his birthday, so we were all nice... but I would like to point out I got second. And I was proud.

And I'm not ready to talk about the Cowboys yet... so after that miserable game, I figured we might as well put our Christmas things away and then unpack. So, I put on my trusty headlamp, my serious face, and got to work.

And today starts a super fun week!! Today is my momma's birthday and since she's my roommate I planned a super awesome dinner (not really, just a restaurant)... but my mom said, "Uhhh, football is going to be on... let's just order food and watch football." And I said, "You're brilliant and I love you...... annnd happy birthday!!!!!" I'm also going to tell her about her birthday present later tonight... but us sisters haven't quite decided how we are going to tell her, so we are still working on that!!

And did I mention my bachelorette party is this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! The fun activities are here!!!!!

And it's someone else's actual birthday tomorrow. Someone semi important. Basically, it's not a bad Monday around here and that is awesome.

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