Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Living Out of 3 Houses

A while back I wrote a post over not living together, and Duck Dude and I are sticking to it. 

I moved out of my 800 square feet of fun apartment and in with..... my mom or my roommate, whichever you prefer. The inconvenient thing about my mom's house is it's about 45 minutes away from my school. On game nights, I don't leave school til around 8:30...... So, my wonderful Sal Pal offered to let me sleep in her extra bedroom whenever I needed! Isn't that fantastic? She can literally throw a rock and hit the school, so that is super convenient!! So my mom and my Sal Pal are really like my half-roomates... they have shared custody of me, and I enjoy staying with both of them!!

However, allllll of my other stuff is at Duck Dude's house. Which is awesome, because we won't have a ton of stuff to move when we get married! I'll bring the clothes I have with me, and that's about it! But until then, I'm living out of suitcases and my stuff is scattered around 3 different locations. 

Here are some conversations you might here when you're living at 3 different houses. 

Duck Dude
Me: Hey babe, can you go look in this one box in the garage and find the scarf I need to wear tomorrow and bring it with you tonight to my moms?
DD: What box?
Me: The blue tub. There's a couple but I think they're in there.
DD: Uh, I cannot find it.
Me: Well, it might be upstairs in the guest bedroom.
DD: Nope, still can't find it. 
Me: Oh my gosh, all of my scarves are lost forever!!!!!!!

Me: Hey mom, can you go look somewhere in my room for my allergy medicine? I'm almost out of what I have. 
Mom: Any idea what bag it is in?
Me: I think it's in a pink and orange bag.... but it may be at Duck Dude's house.... and it's a small bag. Smaller than a grocery sack.
Mom: {Mom sends selfie with her and the bag}

Sal Pal
Me: Oh my gosh, I don't have my ID or one of my credit cards. 
Sal Pal: Where are they?
Me: They are still in the clutch that I used this weekend for the bachelorette party!! Oh man! 
Sal Pal: Don't get pulled over!!
......30 minutes later....
Me: I FOUND THEM!!!!!!! My clutch was in my purse, which I thought felt heavier, but I didn't think about looking in it... but I finally looked in and there was my clutch!!! And my phone charger!! Which I just thought was a casualty of the weekend. 
{Sal Pal laughs at me}

The good news is... only 45 more days of this!!! :) Then, I'll just be an old married lady!!


  1. Yeay!!!! you are too funny with your texts but I can totally understand. Down the final stretch now!

    1. It's seriously an every day occurence. I feel like I have to start with apologizing.

  2. Yaayy you're at less than 50 days!! Thank goodness for that... that sounds way too crazy with the 3 locations! We moved to SC a month before the wedding (well, I was down there 2 months earlier with just what I could fit in my Jeep lol... so I feel the craziness lol), so we were just a giant mess! Thanks for linking up with us this week!

    1. "A giant mess" is an excellent label for me right now!! Ha Thanks for hosting!

  3. I would die living in so many places...I had a hard time when we were moving apartments and stuff was at both places!
    Beardy Heart Beauty

    1. Seriously! Although I think my favorite part was my fiance saying.... "You... have... so much.. bathroom stuff." haha :)