Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bachelorette Success!

I survived the weekend!!!! And had the most fabulous time ever!!!

Kendra Scott was fantastic! I highly suggest it to anyone who wants to give their bridesmaids earrings or jewelry for their gift! Each girl got what they want while I loved watching all of their personalities.

Then Saturday, we headed off to brunch!

Before we realized there was a parade we had to cross to get there...... twice!!!! But we did it and we made it and no one got trampled!!! And then I had a phenomenal shrimp and asparagas omelet!!

Shout out to the very pregnant Ashley who is giving birth this Thursday!!! She crossed the parade twice and did it semi-gracefully!!! :)

So many friends!! I felt so special!!!

 My beautiful sisters and matron and maid of honor!!!!

Thank you for a magnificent weekend!!! You all are the best!!!

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