Friday, January 30, 2015

Sprinkle Pixie Dust

More confessions today. Because they're necessary. 
 1. I confess that the internet has been out for 2 days at my school, which has led to no blogging, which has led to no wedding Wednesday post, which has led to pushing the "shower" post back because we have our last one this weekend and I might as well do all three together now, which has led to me actually wanting to do the post on Monday rather than "wedding Wednesday" and I super confess that I am ok with all of the above.

2. I confess that I got super interested in our wedding book when they mentioned My Fair Lady, because that's totally the way to my heart. Then I realized, Duck Dude has probably never seen My Fair Lady and we are going to have to change that! 

3. I confess that school has been a downer for me this week. My one challenging class is really challenging me and I am feeling like I am inadequately meeting all of their needs. I need to clone myself for that class because I just cannot make it around to every little math mind in the room... and each little math mind neeeeds me. And I get good news about helping one of my lovelies and I turn around to see this. My new student using tally marks to figure out what 8 x 2 is. Tally marks. And she still got 8 x 4 and 8 x 5 wrong. And I'm back to feeling almost helpless.

3. I confess that I feel an absurd amount of joy that basketball season is over. I love basketball season, because I get to be the fun assistant coach, rather than the stressed out head coach.... but I've been looking at it like a milestone. Finish basketball season and it's basically the wedding!

4. Holy crap!!! It's basically the wedding!! 36 days and I still have a whole bunch of tiny little details that I do not even know the answer to!!! So, I confess that I might be in a little bit of stress mode. 
5. I confess that I am super excited for our couples shower tomorrow!! I think it's going to be so fun.. even though it's supposed to rain! I also confess I am trying extremely hard not to pick off my shellac before tomorrow. One more day. Self control. Don't pick. 

6. I confess that I cannot get this video out of my mind. We watched it yesterday at my Valor meeting, and I keep relaying the main message in my head. Sprinkle pixie dust. Sprinkle pixie dust. What if all teachers treated their students like Disney treats their guests? My students might feel like they've been pooped on by a bird and then they come to my class. And it's my job to sprinkle pixie dust.

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