Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday {NYC}

I love five on Friday. It's such an excellent recap or glance forward or whatever you want. 

5. It is officially summer. If you haven't seen the buzzfeed article circulating around about what a teacher's summer really looks like, it's pretty spot on! My 3 weeks of summer school are over and I can officially lay around and do nothing all day. :)..... except I'm not.. because.

4. We leave for NYC today!!!! The Man BFF's birthday was yesterday and he's moving back to Texas from NYC. So we are having one ginormous birthday/going away party alllll weekend. And because it's officially summer, we're staying until Tuesday. All great events need a good hashtag, so earlier this week Man BFF and I came up with #NYCsaysbyetoE .... just in case you want to follow all of our shenanigans.

His 25th birthday in NYC
3. Yesterday Duck Dude calls me and asks if I did anything with our flights. I say no and ask him why. He says, "I just got an email saying we've been upgraded to first class." I was doubtful, and Duck Dude was confused. I texted Man BFF to tell him about it and he said, "That's just weird. They didn't have two seats together but you'll be able to switch with the other people." I thought he had already talked to Duck Dude... until he said this.

Yup. I have pretty sweet friends. So now, Duck Dude and I get to start off our trip in first class. 

2. Duck Dude has never been to NYC before, and he's adorably nervous.... because "he talks slower, he walks slower, and he wears boots." I think he will be just fine and I hope he loves the city as much as I do. I do not believe I could ever live there... but I love to visit!!

1. We're all flying home together. Man BFF is on our same flight back home!! So we will have the whole flight to recap all of the memories we spent the weekend making. It's going to be the best #NYCsaysbyetoE everrrrr! 

Small p.s. I won't be taking the time to blog while in NY... so I'll see y'all next Wednesday!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Venue: Check

I’m not an English teacher by any means… but this is how I think cause and effect works.

Yesterday we visited a venue. Loved it. And booked it. Right there on the spot…..

Which means… I made Duck Dude take a cheesy picture with me in the middle of where our reception will be…

Which means… we got Mexican food for dinner on the lake and played with ducks…

Which means... I can now imagine exactly where I am going to get married….

Which means… I can start my official wedding day countdown. 254 days…

Which means… my photographer is officially booked and deposit is mailed…

Which means…  I can get a wedding dress…

Which means… I can start thinking about fun things like decorating…

Which means… I’m probably about to start some DIY projects…

I still love these..
Which means… I can check more things off of my to do list…

Which means… I can go to New York this weekend and not worry about anything…

Which means… I can wear my new Michael Kors wedges that are incredibly comfy…

Which means… my heart is very, very, happy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dressin' Gaudy

My experience was wonderful. From the moment we got there, to the moment we left... I really enjoyed myself. Now, the big question, do I have a dress?

I have it narrowed down to two!! And that was difficult enough! 

Option #1:

Option #2 comes with a bridesmaid's dress included!!

It's going to be a really hard decision. Just kiddingggggg. Duck Dude reads this blog, and I thought I'd give him a little heart attack. Dressin' Gaudy was, in fact, the name of my favorite store growing up. A'int nothin' wrong with a little gaudy. 

The two I am deciding between look nothing like the above pictures. I love them both, a whole lot.

My mom, red head, future MIL, and future SIL were a fantastic group. They gave me their honest opinions and I agreed with them. I tried on a slew of different styles which I enjoyed tremendously, because I really had no idea what I wanted. Carrie, my person, was so personable and she was also my future SIL's person when she bought her dress from them. We drank champagne, we laughed, and we enjoyed each other's company... exactly how I envisioned it. 

We are looking at a venue this afternoon, and I'm hoping that 1. there will not be another bridezilla moment and 2. that if it ends up being "the place", then I will be able to imagine myself in one of the two dresses. 

If it's not the place, I will go back to scouring the internet. 

Wish me luck again, it seemed to work yesterday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

White Dress Style

Today, I am wedding dress shopping. Wait, what??? It almost doesn't feel real. I'm not sure if it will until I actually throw one of those things on. Anyway, I'm totally anxious and when I get anxious, I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth. So here are things I could very possibly say at 3 o'clock today. 

Do you have a certain style in mind?
Yes, the white dress style. 

Want to try on a mermaid dress?
No, she's Ariel... I'm Belle. 


Where is the wedding going to be?
No idea. 

What do you think?
I need at least two minutes to process. Ask my family instead. They will answer. 

What's your budget? 
Budget Shmudget..... (Just kidding dad) ... Is realistic an applicable term to this question? I'm only gonna wear the dress one day of my life, but it's a pretty big day. So my budget is realistic. 

What do you think of this dress?
I think it makes me look like a poodle. Or a moose. 

What do you think? 
Do you serve wine here?

Can you imagine yourself in this dress? 
Will you accept this rose? I'm not sure, but I used to imagine myself on the bachelorette. 

Don't worry. We have plenty of dresses to try on.
I have a volleyball game at 8. 

Can you rank the dresses from favorite to least?
I'm much better at ranking hott baseball players. 


What would your fiancé like?
He'd probably like me to walk down naked. 

Wish me lots of luck.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cousin Recap


It was just as lovely as I thought it would be on Friday. Now for pictures.

Church softball league. The California cousins said, "This must be a southern thing." We were loud and proud and definitely made the place enjoy us.

Minka, the ferret, has it real rough. I love her... even if she smells.

Eveyone needs a popsicle break during tennis ball tag. We work hard.

Because horse selfies are necessary. 

I got it!! The engaged cousin picture!!! :) 

Until next time cousins!

Gratitude Journal:
1. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to hang out with my cousins. I know not everyone is as lucky to get to see their cousins twice a year. I am grateful that we make the most of our time!
2. I am grateful for the convienience of grocery stores. Feeding 17 people is a chore, and grocery stores make that job a lot easier!
3. I am grateful for Wendy's french fries. They are an excellent companion while road tripping. (I'm not sure if that's a legal use of the gratitude journal... but I'm serious. I am grateful for Wendy's french fries!)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday {Cousin Weekend}

It's Friday and it's about to be cousin weekend!!!! I am so excited to spend the weekend with my family!!! What are the top 5 things I am looking forward to? Glad you asked!

5. Tennis ball tag. There's just nothing quite like driving like a maniac around a pasture and throwing tennis balls at each other. I would say I'll take a picture, but that probably will not happen. 
A picture of post hay tag - another game we play
4. Dinner time. One of my favorite parts is when we all sit around the dinner table together. We still have a "kids" table and "grown up" table. I think we always will. 

We've got posing down to a science over the years
3. Horses. Duh. You had to know this one was going to be in here!!! I cannot wait to see my friendly babies!! They are just the coolest creature ever. 

2. Late night talk. We all sleep in one big room. On air mattresses. I can probably get a picture of this. This is when the serious talks happen. The talks about where we are in med school, relationships, where we'll be in a year, the stories the "grown ups" can't hear because they're grown ups, the nitty gritty of our family.
One year, we made a big fort with all of our sleeping bags
1. Taking our cousin picture. We do one every summer and every Christmas... an age picture and a height picture. And this summer I get to hold my hand up! Cousin #2 that's engaged.... even though it's not in the cousin marriage order we made 7 years ago. I think they'll let that slide! 

Have a very happy Friday!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tales of Bridezilla

I'm totally one of those blogs that has completely let my engagement take over. So, if your one of the single people who's not so cool with that, I apologize. But at the same time, it's my space and I want this stuff documented. Mainly so I can come back and laugh at it later. 

Except right now, I am not laughing. 

Duck Dude, my mom, and I piled in the car on Monday to drive to a venue. I was excited, but extremely anxious. I'd been looking at this venue for 2 weeks. The lady and I had emailed back and forth over 16 times, and I felt like we had a good connection. Their venue looked cool, but they were building... so I knew it wouldn't be completed yet. 

We show up. The chapel is amazing. It's beautiful and the huge window opening up to a pasture was phenomenal. Then we get to where the reception would be. Where 3/4 of the wedding takes place. Where the fun, the crazy, and the celebration really occurs. 

The concrete slab I was looking at looked small. Small enough where I was thinking, there's no way we are going to fit everything in here! Online it said they could hold 400.............. I think they need to add "400 standing up."

Of course, I thought all of this in my head. Duck Dude asked questions. My mom talked to the lady and I just stood there trying to process everything.

We leave and I am quiet. Duck Dude and my mom carry on a conversation and I sit and listen... and think. Until...... 

My mom says, "Yeah, she said they could probably fit 300, but you wouldn't have a dance floor."

Whaaaaaaaaat. No dance floor!!!! This lady is dang out of her mind. It's our wedding. Our celebration. And there will be dancing. Even if it's me and Duck Dude bustin a move by ourselves. No dance floor, no way. 

So, I simply say, "I want a dance floor."

And by that time I had a headache and was ready to be out of the car. Duck Dude and I tried to order chinese food and when they said it would take 55 minutes when it was already 8:30, I said no. 

And that, my friends, was my first bridezilla moment. 

Gratitude Journal
1. I am grateful that I have a finacé who will allow me to sit quietly when I am slightly overwhelmed. It's like he knows me or something.
2. I am grateful for summer school students who are excited to sing my goofy songs every day. It, in turn, makes me happy. 
3. I am grateful for the opportunity to support and encourage friends in their new business ventures. 

Over and out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gratitude Journal w/ Weekend Recap

A quick weekend recap: one of these times I might be more prepared than trying to type real fast before I get told to put my computer away. 

Friday: Ducks and HBO

Saturday: Secret mission, hanging with Koal girl, making her practice for engagement pictures, hang in with the red dog Crashie poo, and pool time snacks.... amazing.

Sunday: Father's Day fun and more Koal girl

Did I mention she picked to ride with me to Duck Dude's parent's house?? #favoritedogparent

If you didn't read yesterday's post, go do it. I'm going to do a 21 day gratitude journal. Here's day #1.

Gratitude Journal: 
1. I am grateful for a mom and a fiancé who are both willing and enjoy going to look at wedding venues with me. I am grateful for not feeling alone.
2. I am grateful for a family that wants daily feedback from me. 
3. I am grateful for the sweetest text I received from my future-father-in-law last night. He wanted to make sure he knew he loves me as one of his own.