Thursday, June 5, 2014

Year Four Complete

Today is the last day of school!!!! Year FOUR is completed!! Woah! The other night Duck Dude said, "You're pretty much a veteran teacher now!" and I glared at him, because I do not want to be a veteran teacher. I want to be a new, young, brand new ideas teacher forever. 

At the end of every year I give a student survey. They get to tell me everything they loved, everything they didn't like so much, and advice to my next year's class. The advice is, personally, my favorite part! So, from the mouths of my babes, here is their advice: 

  • "Give Ms. Lindstrom's class a chance."
  • "Don't give up, keep trying, and ask questions."
  • "Be ready to sing!"
  • "You can work hard and have fun at the same time."
  • "Brush up on the basics. We build upon a good foundation."
  • "Never say the S words." (stupid, shut up, and sucks.... I just do not like them!)
  • "Be ready to study.... and have fun!"
  • "Have a good attitude in class, it will make it more fun."
  • "Ms. Lindstrom is all about respect." (why yes, yes I am!)
  • "DO DA REVIEWS!" (I feel like this student learned from a bad habit?)
Who knew 13 year olds could give such good advice! I agree with all of it! Maybe they did learn something this year! :) 

Back at Christmas I wrote about how weirdly awesome student gifts can be. The end of the year is really no different. I didn't take a picture of my sonic gift cards, because I am sure you know what those look like. However I did get this: 

Thank you dear student.... I've always wanted....that. To be fair, they did know I was going fishing this weekend and it is on my website that I like to fish. So maybe she was going for that angle? All I know is that the $5.10 price tag on the bottom, sure let's me know that I am one of her favorites. 

And then theres this:

  This will be one of the handful of 8th graders that I miss the most. We had a special bond last year when they were in my class and it's only grown this year through 8th grade athletics. It all started with Rhiannas "Shine bright like a diamond" song. I thought it was annoying, they loved it and sang it constantly. Then they thought my classroom neighbor and I were engaged and drew diamonds all over my door and planned our entire wedding. Then I texted her last Saturday morning and said, "I'm shining bright." When she said, "huh?" I sent her a picture of my engagement ring. So to get my very own pencil holder with shine bright pencils is incredible. I love them and I probably am not ever going to want to share. She even promised me when I get married she will change out the monogram!

Helllllo summer.

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