Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lay Out Expectations

When people ask me to "lay out", I'm always a little weary. 

Um, what kind of lay out are we talking about? Because "laying out" for me is not so much a verb as it is a motionless activity. I can sleep, I can read, I can lay there for hours, but over all, I am not moving.

My college roommate was the polar opposite. ADD as all get out, we would lay there for 10 minutes and she would be bored. She would get in the pool, and get out of the pool, and get a snack, and get a drink, and get a different drink, and invite more friends over, and then want to go somewhere with the friends.... all within the first 30 minutes. 

If it's a pool party, I do not consider that laying out. I'll expect to get some sun on my face and my shoulders, but I will not expect to get an even layer of sun rays on my body.

Flipping. My lay out process looks like this. Lay on my back for 2 hours, flip to my stomach for 30 minutes. I cannot lay on my stomach. I swear I get a stomach ache. I cannot sleep on my stomach and I cannot lay out on my stomach. 

Expectations. My lay out expectations are simple. Get sun. Talking is totally fine. Music is totally fine. Not talking is totally fine. Get sun. Drink water. Drink sangria. Drink whatever. Get sun. Dip in the water. Hang in the water to cool off. Get more sun. Probably go to the bathroom about now. Reapply tanning oil. Get sun. 

Maybe by this point, I'll be a little pink and ready to call it a day. If not, you've guessed it. More sun.

Simple philosophy ensures results? Or Sun = Tan = Happy. Either way you look at it, I'm headed to go lay out! :) 

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