Monday, June 2, 2014

My Fish was Thiiiiis Big

Have you ever taken an 8 year old fishing?? Because Duck Dude and I did and it was so much fun!! He asked approximately 621 questions and I enjoyed every single one! He would have been ok with not sleeping at all, but he was up and at 'em and ready to go at 6:15!

"Are we gonna use bobbers? My bobber is neon and is really cool." 
"Do you need a minnow? I'll get it for you!!"
"Why do we use this bait?"
"Why do we not cast? I'm good at casting!"
"Ohhhh, I think I got one!!! Aw man, he must have jumped off!"
"Let's try a new spot. I'm not catching anything!"
"I caught the biggest one so far." 
"The other day, when I was fishing, I caught 25 fish." 
"I think I need some peanut m&ms."

Funny story. Duck Dude loves peanut m&ms and it turns out every time he got peanut m&ms out, someone would catch a fish!! How's that for superstition? We took a lunch break, cleaned the morning's catch, Duck Dude and I got about a 20 minute nap, and then we were back out on the water! Our afternoon wasn't as successful, but we still had a good time! 

I love a good conversation, but I also love just rockin with the boat... waiting for a bite. 

I got some sun on my face, got to hang out with some pretty awesome people, and it just reminded me that I am 4 days away from summer!! 

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