Friday, May 30, 2014

Toast to May

Here we are again. Time to acknowledge the small things that happened during the most recent 31 days. Things that maybe didn't need a full blog, but deserve to be archived forever on the internets. 

Here's to being engaged for 1 whole week. I will eventually stop mentioning that..... or maybe I won't. 

Here's to getting to see my dad tonight for the first time as an engaged person. He's been out of town for a week, and I cannot wait to see him!

Here's to not knowing what to say in certain situations. "That must have really set him back!" "He spent some serious duck dollars on that"................... thanks??

Here's to the teacher that said, "I didn't even know you had a boyfriend!"...... my momma will be glad to know I did not respond with "that's because you never come out of your room."

Here's to best friend dinner dates. 

Here's to our weigh in being over. And here's to my future sister in law saying she was dropping out. I told her I'd sacrifice and not weigh with her as well.

Here's to now being on the LGN diet. sorry mom.

Here's to my first official wedding purchase. A stamp. Because I ain't about a lot of writing.

Here's to wedding planning. Because I think I'm going to be ok at it.

Here's to still being on cloud ninety.... because nine is just way too low of a number.

Hey J months.... nice to see you again. 

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