Thursday, May 15, 2014

Guilt Free Nuggets

Last night it was just me and I wanted to make something where I'd have leftovers. Once I started making these glorious little nuggets, I knew I should have waited for a night when Duck Dude was with me. I'm sure I'll be making them soon enough for him!

The best thing about these is you could make them as a meal, you could make them as an appetizer, you can take them to a party and people will rant and rave over them, or you could make them all for yourself! They are super easy, super simple, and taste like chicken nuggets without all the fried stuff! 

Steps 1 and 4

I used Italian breadcrumbs, so I only added 1Tbsp of basil to my mixture... if I was using regular breadcrumbs, I would add more basil. Step 5 on the right!

Step 6! I'm already excited for lunch today!

If you make any modifications, let me know!

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