Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cartwheels and Round Offs

If you haven't heard of Cartwheel, you are so late to the party. 

Just kidding. I had heard of it and wasn't using it, until last Friday when I decided I would try it. So I drove  went to the app store and downloaded it! Then I played around with it, figured it out, and told Duck Dude before I came over for Dinner Club I had to, no other option go to Target. 

Here was a glimpse at my coupon list from Cartwheel. What you cannot see is 10% Women's hats, 10% Women's belts, and 5% off of Tide laundry detergent, and two more things I cannot remember now. 

Then I left target with $145 dollars with of things. What things? Some Mother's Day cards and a belt, a hat, a pair of shorts, a pair of shoes, a pair of ankle pants, and a nautical rope sweater!

Duck Dude wanted me to rock the hat at the Crawfish boil, but I wasn't quite ready. I'm going to get there though and it's definitely coming on vacation!!

Now let's talk about the round off part. I told you I started with a$145 total. That's about typical for Target.... am I right??

Cartwheel saved me $6.95
Target being awesome saved me &12

That brought my total to $127. 

Then, because it was Teacher's Appreciation week and my kids apparently know me too well by this time in the year, I had received several Target gift-cards. 

So, 4 gift-cards later and my total is $42
Grand moral of the story? Get cartwheel ASAP! (Especially if your nickname is Shop Mama)


  1. Can I just say WIN!? That's awesome! I need to look into Cartwheel like yesterday!

    1. I know! It almost made my whole weekend! I felt very accomplished!