Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is Not Advice

I'm about to talk about my relationship. I also just laughed out loud as I typed that sentence. 

I will never ever give relationship advice on this little piece of the webs. So I, repeat, this is not advice. 

This is simply an observation. 

Also on this world wide web is a little thing called the book of faces, or Facebook. There I get to observe words that people decide they should post to all of their friends, acquaintances, family, old friends, high school friends, frenemies, and people they met one time in their life and have never talked to again. 

The other night as I was scrolling through, there was a post that caught my attention. It was by a girl that I haven't talked to in years and she was posting about her relationship. {Just so we are being upfront, I, honestly, have zero clue what her relationship is like... other than the snipets she puts on the fb.}

Here is my observation. I am Brian in this situation. Not in the sense that Duck Dude and I have that conversation, I'll get to that part in a second -- in the sense that I've never been the type of person who does the whole "No, you hang up first!" "No, YOUUU hang up first!" "Let's hang up on three... one, two... three!" "Hello? You didn't hang up!"

Nope. Here was me... click. 

I do not want to "argue", even if it's a cutesy argument, over who puts more into the relationship. I do not believe there will be a "winner" in that situation. Because even if it was a cutesy argument, who is putting the sadface emoji at the end of their fb post? 

Duck Dude and I ended up having a conversation soon after we began saying "I love you." It was probably a grand total of 3 minutes. There would be no "I love you mores" in our relationship. It would simply be "I love you" and "I love you too." We are two very competitive people, but this is one area where I do not want to be in a competition. 

I want to be in a partnership. An equally loving partnership.


  1. "Here was" HAHAHA! I can totally relate, my famous line was always "you told me to hang up first?"

    1. Ha riiiight! I never got that whole game... I still don't. :)