Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Where's the Buffet At?

I put this picture on my board yesterday to tell my students about Duck Dude. Here's a glimpse into my everyday life of adolescents. 

“You are loved.”
Yes I am.

“What’s your new last name going to be?”
“…. It kinda goes!” 
In an approving way, for sure.... but I said, "Good! I don't have much say in that!"

“Is he a professional golfer?”
Duck dude later said please tell me you told them yes. 

“Let me see the ring…. (looks at it)… oh I was gonna say dump him if it’s not good… but it’s pretty good.”
This was actually the first student who asked to look at my ring. I was very surprised it was this boy. 

Student A: “You get a coke and I don’t?”
Student B: “She’s engaged. She can do whatever she wants.”
Right on student B. I will be using this for the remaining 8 days. 

Student C: “Can I be the worst man at your wedding?”
Student D: “Ohh! I’ll be the preacher!! You like her. You like him. Alright. Where’s the buffet at?”
I'm down for that. 

“I really have no idea how it’s not Mr. Smith!!!!!”

“The blonde sister looks like Paris Hilton.”
I didn't even know my kids knew who Paris Hilton was! 

“Omg coach. It’s HUUUGE!”
I just keep saying, "It's pretty pretty."

“Wait, but let’s set this straight. Did you ever date Mr. Leonard or Mr. Smith?”
“Whaaaat? I can’t even right now. You are blowing my mind.”
Welcome to the world of you really have zero idea what your teacher does on the weekends, or weeknights, and nor will you ever.

“Ms. Lindstrom! You never even told me you were dating someone!!”
See my previous thought.

“Ms… Congratulations.” (gives me a high five)
This one was precious.

"It looks even better in person!!"
One of my favorites and one of the few that has my number. Her mom woke her up at 8 am on Saturday after I texted her mom because she just had to!! 

My students are the best. 

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