Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Duck Dude Fiancé

Friday night was going to be a fantastic night. First summer fireworks of the summer out on the boat. Catch phrase, picnics, and friends... that part is all normal. I brought my real camera with me, and snapped some pictures for a fantastic blog post today. 

We were having a great time.. then Travis' cousin and best friend went up to the front of the boat. My thoughts? I guess they want some alone time! I'll use this time to snap some pictures of the sunset. 

Duck Dude: "Hey babe, come sit by me!"
Me: "I've got to instagram this sunset before my phone dies!!"

I instagram and then go sit by him. I hear the song playing in the background, and remember thinking it was pretty. And before I know it, Duck Dude asks me to stand up with him. I ask why? But he was already pulling me up. I look towards the front of the boat and see his cousin filming with the Go Pro... why does she have the Go Pro out? Still oblivious... 

Then Duck Dude said some really nice things... I have to say that, because I actually have no idea what he said. My mind was racing. All I know is that it ended with, "Will you marry me?"

I said yes. 

His best friends started playing "Happy" and I could just stand there. In shock. In awe. And so dang happy. 


Duck Dude: "Let's celebrate right now and we will call everyone in a little bit."
Me: "My phone's basically dead anyway. I'm fine with that!"

3 minutes later we pull up to the restaurant on the lake and I see the crying faces of both of our families!! It was so phenomenal. I can definitely say perfect Fridays look like this. 

Then we all went back out on the boat and watched fireworks together. 

Me, my family, his family, and my duck dude fiancé. 

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  1. I hate that I took a blogging break & missed the recap! SO SO SO excited for you!!