Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I have this friend name Clancy, and she is very special to me. So special, I gave her one of my most favorite nicknames ever, Clancypants. She is a part of that Baylor family I've talked about before. More specifically, she's the military brat but sweetest person ever.. person. 

Both her parents were in the Air Force and she followed right behind them. I always thought it was cool, because I love planes, and now Clancypants gets to fly all these planes that I just get to read about. She is full of creativity and full of life. She is a problem solver, but without ever being too bossy. When she was walking in the Homecoming parade with Baylor's ROTC, she just smiled whenever I yelled like a crazy person at her! She didn't even mess up her cadence! She is the most non-judgemental person and I always knew I could tell her anything.

She was one of my first blog readers and is always so supportive. When I look at my "audience", I love knowing those South Korea views are Clancypants. Nowadays, she's in Germany, so now I know my views from Germany are Clancypants. And I smile every single time. 

Why am I telling you all this? Because yesterday, my Clancypants became a Captain in the United States Air Force

She's the coolest dang Captain I know.



I am so, so proud of her. I am grateful that she is serving our country. I am honored to call her my friend and my Clancypants.  


  1. Mollie, you made me cry. I love you friend and miss you like crazy!!! Thank you for STILL supporting me 4 years later and thousands of miles away. ALSO, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND DUCK DUDE!!! For reals, happy.