Monday, May 12, 2014

Crawfish Recap

Don't worry y'all, my Friday got better. We had our dinner club and I got to hang with one of my favorite babies. Her momma made me squeal out loud when she pulled out a gift her uncle got her.... a baby Tory Burch. Like shut the front door and all the windows. It was amazing and I immediately started snapping pictures. 
What is she pulling out of her purse in the picture? A cracker, and I told her I keep food in my purse too. 

Then Saturday, I took Duck Dude to Ham and Eggs, however I down sized my plate a little. I didn't want to be stuffed for our crawfish boil we were going to attend. Duck Dude loved it and has already said we have to take his sister and Naked Nick there, because Naked Nick loves his panclocks. 

Then we went a crawfishin' and had the most glorious afternoon/evening/night in all of crawfish land. My salad went so fast I barely got any, so I'll have to make it again and throw it up on the blog land. We listened to the live band, sang along, and then Duck Dude and another man challenged two 6th graders to a 2 on 2 basketball game and lost. Duck Dude has the blood blisters to prove it, but I'm more worried about his pride. :) Is there really anything better than a good crawfish boil? I think not. 

Sunday I spent with my momma and my D-Mommy and it was relaxing and wonderful. Then my friend Kristen spent the night with me so she could be super close to a job fair today. We couldn't decide where to go to dinner, so we literally picked out of a hat.

And that was my weekend.

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