Monday, May 5, 2014

The Weekend I Gained 5 lbs.

..... And am totally fine with it. 

I convinced my friend Sal Pal to hang out with me this weekend at Duck Dude's house while I was house sitting. It didn't take a lot and we had a marvelous weekend of eating and pooling it up. We grabbed sunscreen, toilet paper, and water from 7-11 and were ready to attack our day. Then, we hit the repeat button on Saturday. Sal Pal has a super cool jeep and it was perfect weather for riding around in it. 

And now it's Monday and cinco de mayo, so I'm being realistic and saying I will not be back on the diet until tomorrow. 

Friday morning breakfast at Seven Mile Cafe.

Friday night dinner while watching the Mavs. Shoutout to my friend Barbie King who's on the new Pizza Hut commercials. 

Saturday morning breakfast at Jackie's Ham and Eggs where I felt it was necessary to triple fist water, diet coke, and coffee. And they have the most ginormous biscuits and pancakes ever. My whole plate is one biscuit. Check out Sal Pal's pancake in comparison to her iPhone. Ridiculous. Jackie knows how Texans like to eat.


And Sunday was lazy day after hanging out with the most fun twins I know!! Mainly because my staph infection is back. 

And if you want to know a whole lot more about staph, come back tomorrow. 

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