Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toast to July

My favorite month has come and gone again.. What a fantastic month it is.

Here's to lake houses. Thank you for being so fantastic and inviting. So inviting I never want to leave again.

Here's to car rides. Time to discuss all sorts of topics, time to jam out, time to reflect. I logged at least  25 hours throughout July.

Here's to a second identity. Because only having one would just be boring.

Here's to not getting West Nile Virus. I'm amazed more and more that I haven't gotten it with the amount of mosquito bites I get.

Here's to Carrolton's West Nile advice: "Wear long sleeves and pants." .... Uhh Carrollton, then you're gonna have a heat stroke epidemic!!! That's terrible advice!!

Here's to missing CPR class. Who needs to save lives anyways? (Just kidding. I'm gonna get recertified.... Eventually)

Hello August. Nice to see you. I'm off to enjoy my last few days of summer!!
And if you haven't donated yet for BvB... Only a couple days left!!! Game day is August 17th!!!!

Donate for Alzheimer's here!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ranch Life

Like I said at some point.. Or maybe I didn't say it, but I thought about it.. And so that counts: it's hard to blog in the summer.

I just got home from a week at the ranch.. My favorite place to be. Here's a few things you have to be open to learning/playing:
* Maui Maui - a super fun card game with weird rules that get even weirder as you keep playing and keep adding rules!
* Tennis Ball Tag - a game played with the 4 wheelers and Ranger where you basically chase people and try to hit them with tennis balls as hard as you can (I need a video of this..)
* Mafia - that awesome game where you kill people in their sleep. You also need to be a good liar so you don't give yourself away the first round. I need to work on that.
* Tube Wars - 3 tubes on the river and its simple... Jump from tube to tube without falling off. Yes, I was sore the next day!

Pictures of my relaxing week at my home away from home.

My uncle had the audacity to where a DU hat. We don't do DU... So I had to let Duck Dude know and he quickly fixed that by bringing a Delta Waterfowl hat to replace it!! 

My amazing redhead called me and asked what my favorite dessert was.. I told her either key lime pie or cheesecake. So what did she do? She baked me a key lime cheesecake!!! And it was sooo good. 


My baby Lily! She's 4 months! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coke Whore

Hi. My name is Mollie and I'm a coke whore. Now if you're randomly stumbling across my blog let me explain myself. If you know me at all, you know where I'm gong with this. 

I love diet coke.

By love, I mean, if you had to prick my arm for any sort of reason... I might bleed diet coke, that caffeinated, dark, syrupy perfection. Now, I try to limit myself to one diet coke a day; however that doesn't apply during vacations, Summer, holidays, most weekends, and any day where you just really need that extra kick at 8 am in the morning. 

During the school year I can tell you exactly when it's 12:11, to the minute, on a Saturday. My body just knows. Aka I start shaking and convulsing if I don't get a diet coke. 

If I happen to be taking a trip somewhere, packing diet coke is like packing a toothbrush. I have been known to show up with a 12 pack in hand. Better to be safe than sorry! Am I right? 

I can even list for you in order the fast food restaurants that have the best diet coke.
1. Whataburger
2. Sonic
3. McDonalds 

And don't even think about trying to blind taste test me. I've dominated every single one anyone's ever thrown at me. I do not drink any soft drink but diet coke... Maybe a sprite or 7-up when I am sick. Don't you dare ask me, "we only have diet Pepsi, is that ok?" Uhhh if I drink diet Pepsi I am most likely to spit it out. Coke zero, diet dr pepper... Nothing compares. 

See? Coke whore. And it is about 10:30.. And I'm on vacation at the ranch. So you can guess where I'm off to.. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

25 Things I know because I've lived for 25 years!

Today is my birthday. My 25th birthday. That's a little bit of a woah factor for me. That's a lot of years. I, officially, cannot just say I'm a young buck anymore. I cannot blame my bad decisions on my lack of years of living. So I figured I would share 25 things I have learned in my abundant years of life.

1. family is the most important thing
2. Chapstick is the #1 accessory
3. you can never have too many shoe options
4. evil laughs are not necessarily socially accepted
5. tortilla chips and salsa is my go to comfort food
6. diet coke is a caffeine lifeline
7. I would thrive on a reality tv show
8. take time to take pictures. Capture memories.
9. alone time is not bad time
10. if you don't sleep you will have bags under your eyes
11. if you have allergies you will still have bags under your eyes even if you get 12 hours of sleep
12. college sports enthusiasm will always top pro sports
13. it's ok to join fads that will fade away if they're awesome
14. Texas is the best of the fifty nifty United States
15. curling up on a couch with a blanket is the best thing ever
16. don't sleep naked.
17. sometimes warts take 3 times to freeze off or you have to get them cut off
18. always have your fingernails painted
19. a home cooked meal is the best kind of meal.               
20. attempt things. You don't want to ask yourself why not later.
21. make friends that wouldn't mind dressing you if you're not capable of doing it yourself or put your contacts in for you (shoulder surgery forces you to get close)
22. pink tool sets will not fix everything, but they will fix a lot.
23. singing loud is a necessity all the time. No shame in that game. 
24. accents are sexy. British accents are to die for.
25. 2nd moms are just about as good as 1st moms! 

This 25 year old is signing off.. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lake Advice

We took my little cousin who was in town to the lake! We brought some friends, an awesome playlist, and let the good times roll. Here are just a couple things I learned from these good times.

1. Don't forget your swimsuit bottoms. (Sorry Kristen, I had to). We get out there and get ready to jump in the water and all of a sudden Kristen goes, "uhhh, I don't have my bottoms on.." The best part of the story is she didn't bring a swimsuit with her... So she specifically went out and bought this swimsuit to wear just for this occasion!
1b. Swim in your shorts anyway. This is why my friends are my friends. I think if I had high maintenance friends, I would feel like the minion in the banana video and I would eventually punch the snot out of them. So thank you for not being that way Kristen and swimming in your shorts!!

2. A conversation that begins with "I got this tattoo in jail." Is going to be interesting. Don't worry. Duck Dude immediately asked what he did. Ready for his crime? Is the anticipation killing you? It was for theft. He worked for Hollister and stole some shirts for him and his friends. His biggest regret about the tattoo? His tattoo reads "C-FB" ... And people thinks he got a Facebook tattoo!! Ha

3. Do not accept said felon's friend request on Facebook. My blonde sister is a social butterfly. She's also super hott. Somehow creepy felon found her on Facebook and messages her. Uhhh, weird. And not ok. Do people not realize how stalking people is crazy? I'm gonna go ahead and dedicate the song Redneck Crazy to the new felon friend.

Live by this advice and you should be golden. You're welcome,

Monday, July 8, 2013

How My Life Hasn't Changed...

Ever wonder how your life has not changed since you were 5? No? Well, it's summer and I've officially lost what day it is... so these are the things my brain comes up with. I'm impressed with my personality for sticking with me for so many years. 

I've always loved fishing. Even though I am not the most patient person. I credit my dad for teaching me that waiting can sometimes be a good thing. 

I've always stood/sat in the same spot at Baylor Homecoming. Every year. That same curb behind that same little rope. It's where everyone knows where to find my family. Now, as an alumni, it's where my friends know where to find me. Pretty cool. 

I've always climbed on top of things (remember the pancake question?), the view on top is better. I've also always loved to bake. I credit my mom with teaching me early. Cooking is a fine art and skill that you can always get better at. It's also a hobby that doesn't get old because you can try new things and a hobby that can be beneficial to others around you.  

I've never liked being trapped indoors. Given the option to be outside, I will take it. A place where you are not confined by walls.... or glass doors. 

I've always loved the color green. This was a book from my "3rd grade buddy" when I was in kindergarten. I would never pick pink... I didn't want to be seen as the girly girl. I even picked the yellow Power Ranger when everyone wanted to be the pink one. 

I've always been a performer. If I had to guess, this was probably a "routine" I worked on for half an hour and then kindly asked forced my parents and probably a few stuffed animals to come watch it. 

I've always loved tennis. Once again... I credit my parents for the initial introduction... but now that I am playing on a semi-regular basis: it's so much fun!! Congrats Andy Murray on your impressive win at Wimbledon! I love that tournament. 

I've never been able to stay up late.... even on important days, like Halloween. I've also always thought I was Wonderwoman. Call it first born syndrome or parents who believe in you, but I've always had high goals and I've always worked hard to meet them. Check out that plaid couch pattern. Wow. 


I've always had a super love for puppies. And dogs. And animals. This was Sunny and one of her puppy litters. Oh so tiny and precious and Sunny was so good and just let us crazy kids hold them and take care of them! 

I love old pictures. They bring back so many memories! I had such a wonderful childhood and it is crazy to see what a creature of habit I am. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th Week

..... In pictures! A'int nobody got time to write a post during my favorite day of the year's... Week!

The only logical thing to do when you see a random coyote in a field at 1 pm in the day.

Cleaning out school stuff with mom, I found this gem. Hannah wrote it to me when she was in 2nd grade.. I was in 4th.

I also found this beauty.

Spontaneous road trip to okc to see my favorite red head!!

A serene morning at the lake.

Pigs in a blanket on top of pecans and brown sugar. Yum.

Sleepy puppy and sleepy Duck Dude means this is the best picture I could get of sleepy puppy.

Raise your hand if you've found the face swap app. It's funny.

I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth!! I'm off to the lake...... again.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Toast to June

Ok! You have spoken!
I will not be changing the domain to my blog... That was a terrible idea. I take it allll back and everything is back to normal. Woah. And here is my toast to June!

Here's to teaching nerdy summer school kids how to be cool. (At least, that's what I attempted to do!)

Here's to quad muscles. Apparently, as you get older, you are not quite as limber as you used to be and you reallllly do have to stretch.

Here's to Tim Duncan. For getting me super involved in the NBA Finals when I said I wasn't going to and then breaking my heart.

Here's to recipe posts. Mainly because I plan to write about them and never do. So they deserve a shout out.

Here's to Jewel Mania. I have collectively spent approximately 27% of my summer playing you. And I taught my mom how to play.

Here's to the iPhone. It knows me so well, I no longer have to tell it I'm trying to type wowzers as a real word. (It's a good word.)

Here's to having too much fun and posting my toast to June on July 2nd! Whoopsidaisy!

Oh, hello July!! My favorite month of the year! Good to see you again!