Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lake Advice

We took my little cousin who was in town to the lake! We brought some friends, an awesome playlist, and let the good times roll. Here are just a couple things I learned from these good times.

1. Don't forget your swimsuit bottoms. (Sorry Kristen, I had to). We get out there and get ready to jump in the water and all of a sudden Kristen goes, "uhhh, I don't have my bottoms on.." The best part of the story is she didn't bring a swimsuit with her... So she specifically went out and bought this swimsuit to wear just for this occasion!
1b. Swim in your shorts anyway. This is why my friends are my friends. I think if I had high maintenance friends, I would feel like the minion in the banana video and I would eventually punch the snot out of them. So thank you for not being that way Kristen and swimming in your shorts!!

2. A conversation that begins with "I got this tattoo in jail." Is going to be interesting. Don't worry. Duck Dude immediately asked what he did. Ready for his crime? Is the anticipation killing you? It was for theft. He worked for Hollister and stole some shirts for him and his friends. His biggest regret about the tattoo? His tattoo reads "C-FB" ... And people thinks he got a Facebook tattoo!! Ha

3. Do not accept said felon's friend request on Facebook. My blonde sister is a social butterfly. She's also super hott. Somehow creepy felon found her on Facebook and messages her. Uhhh, weird. And not ok. Do people not realize how stalking people is crazy? I'm gonna go ahead and dedicate the song Redneck Crazy to the new felon friend.

Live by this advice and you should be golden. You're welcome,

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