Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Toast to June

Ok! You have spoken!
I will not be changing the domain to my blog... That was a terrible idea. I take it allll back and everything is back to normal. Woah. And here is my toast to June!

Here's to teaching nerdy summer school kids how to be cool. (At least, that's what I attempted to do!)

Here's to quad muscles. Apparently, as you get older, you are not quite as limber as you used to be and you reallllly do have to stretch.

Here's to Tim Duncan. For getting me super involved in the NBA Finals when I said I wasn't going to and then breaking my heart.

Here's to recipe posts. Mainly because I plan to write about them and never do. So they deserve a shout out.

Here's to Jewel Mania. I have collectively spent approximately 27% of my summer playing you. And I taught my mom how to play.

Here's to the iPhone. It knows me so well, I no longer have to tell it I'm trying to type wowzers as a real word. (It's a good word.)

Here's to having too much fun and posting my toast to June on July 2nd! Whoopsidaisy!

Oh, hello July!! My favorite month of the year! Good to see you again!

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