Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toast to July

My favorite month has come and gone again.. What a fantastic month it is.

Here's to lake houses. Thank you for being so fantastic and inviting. So inviting I never want to leave again.

Here's to car rides. Time to discuss all sorts of topics, time to jam out, time to reflect. I logged at least  25 hours throughout July.

Here's to a second identity. Because only having one would just be boring.

Here's to not getting West Nile Virus. I'm amazed more and more that I haven't gotten it with the amount of mosquito bites I get.

Here's to Carrolton's West Nile advice: "Wear long sleeves and pants." .... Uhh Carrollton, then you're gonna have a heat stroke epidemic!!! That's terrible advice!!

Here's to missing CPR class. Who needs to save lives anyways? (Just kidding. I'm gonna get recertified.... Eventually)

Hello August. Nice to see you. I'm off to enjoy my last few days of summer!!
And if you haven't donated yet for BvB... Only a couple days left!!! Game day is August 17th!!!!

Donate for Alzheimer's here!!!

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