Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Father's Love

A while back, I blogged about my Baylor Family. Those were my main peeps, my go tos, my bestest buddies. However, there were plenty of other friends that made differences in my life.

Holly and Taylor were definitely two of those people. They were like pseudo-roommates! Melanie and I lived in a 3 room house; they lived in a 3 room house... And we all switched third roommates every year. This story isn't about them. It's about their first, 3rd roommate.

Gracie was super cool, there was just one thing a little different. She only had one leg. This didnt stop her in anything and we had so much fun with her. She ultimately ended up transferring schools, but since she's from my home town, you still see her around every now and then.

This story is not about Gracie either. It's about her dad. And her father's love.

Click here to read about Gracie and her dad and see a collection of beautiful pictures.

(Sidenote: as someone who's dad has beaten cancer twice, I cried throughout the entire thing. Also, if you have feelings, you might cry. That's a fair warning.)

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