Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Commander In Chic

If I were to have another job... I don't... But if I wanted to... I would want to be.. Wait for it.... A nail polish namer. 

My nails are important to me. There is not very often where my nails are naked, and if they're naked I am trying to fix them immediately! And don't even get me started on chipped polish. If you have chipped polish, I am probably judging you.

I also have a horrible habit at picking at my polish... Especially when I get bored! So I change my nail polish quite often. It's become a game to my kids! It's one game I'm ok if they play it during class. Its also the reason why I'm somewhat of a hoarder of colors. Do you know how many shades of pink there are? That's why it's only fitting that it be my next career.

Some polish names are classic, some are logical, some are witty, and some are just plain awesome. What are some of the names of my personal polish collection? Here is a small list.

Wink, Gilty Pleasure, Mellow Yellow, Champagne Toast, Russian Navy, Naughty Neutral, Lilacism, You Don't Know Jacques, Racy Rouge, Rags to Riches, Mrs. Plum, Set the Nude, Over the Edge, Honeymoon, Frenzy, Mint Sorbet, Temptation, Silver Sweep, Instant Iris, Commander In Chic

And I love each and every one of them equally. I want to be a commander in nail polish!! So, OPI, if you're reading this... Pay me more than a teacher's salary (ha) and I'm yours!!

Ohh, you need a resume? Well just from this blog, here are my suggestions:
Naked Nails - a clean, neutral color
Chipped Polish - a crackle polish, probably silver
Hoarder of Colors - an iridescent glitter that changes colors when the light hits it
Teacher's Salary - a poop green

OPI, call me maybe?

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