Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Bug's/Bird's Life

Why am I awake at 1 am blogging about birds and bugs? Well, it's been an interesting day in the life of apartment living Mollie.Also, thanks to sucky lungs and starting on steroids, I'm wide awake.

So here's my day. I've been reading all day for an institute I'm attending later this week (more to come on that!). I've also been trying to stay inside since my lungs produce an equivalent to a mouse's squeak. However, the Bachelorette finale was tonight and I was determined to make a new dip for the people coming over to watch this brilliant  addictive reality tv show.

I back my car out of my covered parking spot and start freaking out. My mom is on the phone with me and says, "you're scaring me." Mom!! It's a baby bird!!!!!! It's on my windshield wipers!! (And there was a car waiting for me to move so they could drive around me!) I had to drive! The baby bird was fluttering around and I was looking like an idiot trying to figure out what to do with it! I drove about 20 feet and stopped by some grass (completely blocking cars coming into the complex). As I was trying to think about how I could not touch the baby bird so it's mom wouldn't disown it, it flew, hopped  fl-opped off my hood and into the grass about 20 feet from where my parking spot is. Wow, that was exciting.

I return from the grocery store and am talking to Duck Dude telling him about this sweet little bird who looked like the bird from Are You My Mother and I turn the opposite way to my parking spot to see if the baby bird is still in the grass where I left it. It's not. So I pull into my parking spot and once again I'm freaking out!!! I found it!!!!! It's in the same spot on my neighbors car!!! Here's where I concluded the bird and I were meant to be friends. It's also where I concluded the bird had a love for windshield wipers. She fl-opped off again when I got to close but here she is. Meet Amelia. As in Earhart.

There she is! So pretty! And so floppy. And I don't know how long she will be in my life, but I thought she'd be the most exciting part of my day ( besides Desiree of course!). 

Cue the entire Bachelorette party and an excellent recipe which I will post later. And everyone leaves me. 

Now. One of the benefits of living on the 3rd floor is exercise the amount of bugs that you do not see in your apartment! In the 2 years I have lived up here, I have seen one gecko... And I thought it was 
cute and I wondered how hard he worked to get all the way up here. So when I walked into my 
kitchen to clean up, I was terrified to see a cockroach just staring at me. Uhhhhhhhh. No. I don't do those things. And when he ran into my burner, I was satisfied. Ha easy. What did I do? Duh, turned 
the burner on!!! What did he do? Ran further into the electrical part. 

I called Duck Dude to let him know about my recent encounter and stood in the kitchen the whollllle time. When we hung up, I turned the burner off and went to finish the show I was watching. It took about 6 minutes before I heard a loud flying noise and turned and saw the little joker on my carpet!! Not even on the kitchen tile! Are you kidding me? He flew like 6 feet?? I didn't have a shoe handy so I grabbed my remote and went to whacking..... And missed every time. Cocky, the cockroach, had escaped me. Really? I had a remote and random curtain rod and Cocky is hanging out underneath my couch... That is so not right!! 

So, maybe Cocky can fly like Amelia Earhart wished she could... But I'm left typing a blog in the wee hours of the morning and feeling like a failure. 

Signing off with a towel underneath my door.

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