Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outdoor Summer Wedding Attire

Let me start off by saying, i am fully aware I am not a fashion blogger. However, I'm about to attend my 3rd summer wedding that will be outside.
I dread dressing myself for outside weddings. So I decided to compile a list of pointers!

Do not be the fool who is in cotton. 
Just because it is outside doesn't mean it's not a nice event. I was so embarrassed when the brother of one of the brides showed up in khaki shorts. It's still a wedding. It's still important to the bride and groom. And it's still a whole bunch of money for an event. Look appropriate.

Do not be the fool who is sinking in the ground. 
News flash: stilettos sink into the ground. One bridesmaid didnt get that memo and looked like baby bird Amelia trying to fly for the first time walking down the aisle. Flats and wedges are acceptable. They can still look very nice. Side note: old navy flip flops are not considered to be flats.

Do not be the one who has 6 inch sweaty arm pits. 
There is nothing wrong with sweating in the 102 degree Texas heat. But I wouldn't recommend
wearing a three-quarter length sleeve dress when you know you're going to be outside for hours! Know your self. If you need a sleeveless dress, get a sleeveless dress!

Do not be afraid to accessorize. 
It is so easy to dress up a casual dress by pairing statement earrings with it. Or a statement necklace. Or a statement bangle of bracelets. You get the point?

I looked and looked for Duck Dude's sister's wedding that is the 24th. And I just couldn't find any dresses that I was in love with. I liked them. They were fine. But I wasn't excited about them. By them, I mean I bought 2 different dresses. Then I finally found a dress that I could pair cowboy boots with and look nice in and that I loved and would want to wear all night long!

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