Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1st School Day

If you were in my life yesterday... these might be some of the questions you would have heard. My responses are in purple. 

“Is Coach Lindstrom a boy’s coach?”
“Shhh… she’s right there!”

“How tall are you?

“Can we take a field trip to your ranch?”
“If you can get it approved!”

“Why do you need me address?”
“So I can stalk you…”
“…. Yes!!!!”

“Can you tell me where room 713 is?”
“Oh, it’s actually 713 and three-quarters and you have to run through that wall right there.”

Overzealous 6th grader working 2 years ahead: “Ms. Lindstrom??”
“…. Nope! You are cut off from questions. You now have a limit of 2 and that’s all you get every class period.”

“Can you tell me where room 606 is?
“On the roof, next to the swimming pool.”

“What position did you play in football?”

“What’s your favorite number?”
“Because I like that it’s divisible by 2,3, and 4.”

“Are you nice?”
“If you do everything I say and turn in your work and don’t annoy me and don’t ask me any non thought out questions and are witty and funny, then yes!”

“Do we have homework?”
“Do pigs squeal?”

“Can you tell me where room 408 is?”

“In never, never land.” 


  1. I wish I could be your neighbor teacher and lovingly heckle students in the hallway with you. 713 and three-quarters KILLED me!