Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toast to April

April... I'm not really sure if you existed.. you were kinda one big blur. Oh well. 

Here's to alfalfa. Because the Little Rascals still entertains me 19 years later. Like laugh out loud, entertains me.

Here's to Yu Darvish basically having a perfect game, because I'm basically perfect too.

Here's to Adam Scott. Because he's Australian and he's smokin' hott. Not because he won the Masters.

Here's to little notes left on my car. Wow, that can brighten a day.

Here's to babysitting 130 kids for 4.5 hours.

Here's to standardized testing for allowing me the time to successfully pick off all the nail polish on my fingers.

Here's to ice water. Not luke warm water, that's just gross. 

Here's to 3000 people Crawling for Cancer in Dallas. That was a neat sight. 

Bring it on May.

Monday, April 29, 2013


I had the most amazing day yesterday. I spent the entire day hanging out with children from the Mwangaza Children's choir. They were the sweetest, kindest, most energetic, and fun kids from Uganda. They are on a 6 month tour going all over mainly Texas singing and dancing for the Lord. How cool is that? The youngest is 8 and the oldest turned 14 on the trip. They were a true blessing and I had such a good day pointing out things like airplanes in the sky and teaching them the simple "catch the ball in the cup" game. They are on a very strict schedule/diet while they are here. They cannot watch tv, swim, eat dessert, and are in bed by 8:30, but they have the biggest hearts and an undeniable love for Jesus. 

They love to burst into random song and dance. We spent some of the night singing "My Reedemer Lives", but then we moved on to singing Sound of Musics, "Do, a deer, a female deer". They may have also done a dance that resembled the "wobble"... Who knew line dances made it around the world? I loved every second of it. This video is just a chant I caught them doing while waiting for dinner. 

They were watching their own performance from the morning with "Auntie Marili". They call everyone "Auntie" and "Uncle" while they are here. It is precious.  

Top left is Faith, bottom left is Mercy, and the picture on the right is Esther. I love them. Esther was the main soloist and has a beautiful alto voice. Faith is 9 and she made a "french fry" sandwich at dinner. These girls can eat!!! Mercy is so tender-hearted... see her prayer below.

Just in case you weren't amazed by them already. This was Mercy's prayer before we ate dinner. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dr Pepper Cookies!

Dr. Pepper Cookies are super easy and require 3 ingredients!
1. Dr. Pepper 2. Chocolate Cake Mix and 3. Powdered Sugar

Voila! I made these almost not believing that this would actually work. I even called my mom and said, "So, I don't use eggs or anything??" She told me no and I set off to work. I simply mixed about 6 oz of Dr Pepper with the cake mix until it resembled the form of cookie dough. I put them on some parchment paper and baked them for 12 minutes. I then made the icing with 2 cups of powdered sugar and 1-2 oz of Dr Pepper. I may have used a little too much Dr Pepper, but we'll fix that for next time. I am positive I will be making these again.

Hannah, you and Bro-In-Law will love these. Happy Friday!  


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tin Man Project

We just wrapped up our Tin Man Project. My student teacher and I decided to attempt this project to review surface area! It turned out really well and the kids were engaged!! (I know that's a total buzz word in education, but for real. They loved the project!!) We collected boxes/toilet paper rolls for about a week and a half, showed this video and then let the kids get to work. 

We didn't put much stipulation on the Tin Man. He had to have at least 5 body parts and consist of at least one prism and one cylinder. This is what they came up with: 
A cat!

Justin Timberlake (As long as I have my
suit and tie!)

He also has a cape on the back!

Lenny from Toy Story

Monday, April 22, 2013

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

I had another marvelous weekend. Duck Dude and I went catfishing. We learned something: Apparently most people do not like to fish and most people would most certainly never take a girl fishing. Some of the reactions we got: 
"You're taking her fishing??"            
"Are you crazy?"
"You are willingly going??  You are such a trooper."
"You have 6 heads with a couple fins and might possibly be able to fly/swim kind of like the super old school movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?"

You're right. No one said the last one, but I swear that's how they looked at us. No, duck dude didn't force me to go. No, I didn't have to "troop" through anything. I might have even gone as far as telling Duck Dude it was my favorite weekend we've spent together. I love fishing. I've grown up fishing. It actually makes me get super nostalgic and tell stories about my dad and Pappy and fishing with them. 
See, I told you. I need that tan again.
I think it's relaxing and exciting and not boring at all. Especially when you enjoy the company you're with and have a little bit of Texas country playing in the background. 
Koal loved the ride up there. 

Here fishy fishy. Found him!

The precious cafe where we ate Sunday lunch
And today I believe I'm actually going to hit the gym, because my biceps may or may not be sore from reeling the fish in. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Maternity Clothes

Confession: I own many items from the Target maternity section. 
Why? Because I like their clothes. Most of the time they are comfortable, non form fitting, and excellent for teaching.

Next confession: Ok fine, I don’t wear them all for teaching, sometimes I wear them out too, but I swear you would not ever be able to tell which of my clothes are maternity!! (unless, of course, you looked at the tag where it says it).

They are mainly wrap dresses, skirts, or cute tops. Examples 


(Fyi: I've never actually been to the maternity section of the Target website... when I went to find pictures of their cute maternity clothes I realized in each of their pictures they have a stomach stuffed into the clothes. Therefore I had to search for a while to find examples where you might be able to imagine them as real clothes instead of maternity!)

And to prove I really do wear the maternity clothes.. a few pictures of me in some of my maternity clothes! 
Ignore the wrinkles.. I wore it to my brunch on Sunday
and it literally came out of my suitcase for the picture
The best I could get by myself.
So before you think I’m crazy… next time you’re in Target just stroll through the section. Thank me later. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My take on Boston

I’m sure everyone has their opinions, but I’ll throw mine in there anyway.

I cannot help but think we’re doing whomever is responsible for this an honor by replaying videos of the explosions over and over again. CBS didn’t replay Kevin Ware’s leg snapping in half after realizing the severity of it… why do we have to replay the moment when people’s lives drastically changed forever? What we should be showing is how the people in Boston rallied around everyone yesterday.

The marathoners who stopped running to aid people, the marathoners who went out and gave blood even though they just ran 26.2 miles, the former NFL players who aren’t nfl players in the moment – just Americans. How about the doctor that had just finished the marathon that turned back and ran to help people? People applying tourniquets to complete strangers. An MIT fraternity opening their doors, providing water/juice and restrooms – way to go frat boys. Chicago's Sports page showing their support.

Heroes are the instinctive people. The people that do what they do because, well, wouldn’t you? That is integrity. That is your true colors. That is 99% of Americans.

I like to focus on the 99%, not the 1%, the good that happens after the evil, the heroes over the cowards.

We’re supporting you Boston. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Um, Ms. Patrick..."

My weekend was phenomenal, especially since it started on Thursday.

Why Thursday was phenomenal: Thursday night we went to Top Golf in Dallas... best place ever!! So much fun... even if you're a terrible golfer (aka me). Top Golf is even more fun when you run into Danica Patrick. Luckily we had heard she was there and had our phones ready to go. Duck Dude said, "Um, Ms. Patrick... can we take a picture with you?" and she did! She was super nice and really friendly!
I told you fanny packs were involved. I wasn't kidding.
Why Friday was phenomenal: Friday I did a little shopping (a whole blog is going to come on that)... and then I laid by my mother's pool with my little weenie dog! She is a great layout partner... except for when she puts her head on my leg and I have to worry about getting a dog head tan line. We went out with a great group of people and ended our night on the dance floor. There is no better dance move than the sprinkler.
Duck Dude
Why Saturday was phenomenal: My friend Kristen came into town and we went to Wicked on Saturday afternoon. If you have never seen Wicked, you need to add it to your bucket list. It is an incredibly funny musical! I love the story and I will never get tired of seeing it! Then we met up with Duck Dude and friends at a place in Dallas called Kung Fu Panda.. We shared stories, stood under a freezing cold vent, and parked in Africa to get there.. but it's about the people you're with, right? 

Why Sunday was phenomenal: After a relatively busy weekend by my standards... Sunday was the most perfect lazy day. I took my little black dog on a walk-ish. She likes to hold her own leash. Then I headed back to my own apartment and Duck Dude came over and we watched three episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker. I am so lucky he enjoys watching that show. 
See? Phenomenal Weekend right there.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fanny Packs are invovled.

This is what you need to know about tonight.

1. I am taking tomorrow off. I worked a combine 30 hours on Monday and Tuesday and my wisdom teeth are coming in. I am taking advantage of a student teacher while I have her.

2. Duck Dude and I are offish (official). That’s right, this soulless, no emotion, super happy being single and living on my own….. is now off the market. But hey, if a good one comes around you can't pass em up, right?

3. Duck Dude and I are meeting a friend who’s going on a first date tonight….and plan on making it as awkward as possible. Fanny packs are involved.

Happy weekend to me.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

What Men Say

My Man BFF post got me thinking about what else men/boys/guys in my life have to say about things. So, I decided to ask them! I sent a list of questions to my man bff in NYC who is quite single (don’t get offended man bff, you know it’s true)…. And the same list of questions to my new bro in law! My sister and new bro have been married for 8 months and I wanted to see if he’s maybe learned a thing or two… The Man Bff’s answers will be in blue and my new bro’s answers will be in green!

I gave them these directions: “Hi friends. Answer these questions and I’ll love you forever. Friendly reminder: my grandmothers read my blog.” And here are their responses! Enjoy!
Fact: You must already love me forever because I’ve sworn to be your brother(-in-law) forever.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as familiar with girls… (the things we do, the things we wear, make up)?
A 10, unless I have to tell you the correct name for things instead of my/the guy term for the things you do. In that case I’m a 5.
3.75  The land of womanhood is a mysterious place, and I’ll be ok if I only make it to a 5 during my life (unless I have a daughter, and then I’ll shoot for 6). 
(sidenote: man bff grew up with a sister, new bro only grew up with brothers… I feel like that makes a difference!)

What is the make up called we put on our eyelashes?
You mean the make-up girls use to line their eye’s with? What is eye liner Alec
Masquera …Mascera…Mascara… spell check + wife = win. I knew what it was called, just not how to spell it.  The name is easy to remember.  Girls like to mask their scare. Duh.
(don’t you love man bff’s sassy response and he’s still wrong. New bro was right on target, we Lindstrom sisters love our mascara)

Who falls in love harder – girls or guys?
Girls. They’ve seen the notebook way too many times.
In most cases, girls. 
In a marriage, both partners should have clear roles in the relationship and should uphold their duties in those roles to the extent that it furthers the marriage (some people find this obvious). Who likes whom more might be dictated by who did the dishes last.

How do you feel about a girl who has mainly guy friends?
That she has a bunch of back-up plans and she doesn’t get along with girls(which means she doesn’t have any hot single friends that she can hook me up with).
That’s not allowed around here, nor vice versa.
If I were dating, I’d look elsewhere. Why try to catch a fish that 4 or 5 other fishermen are circling around, whether they’re trying to catch it or not? One can never tell what’s going on in those situations, so it’s best to take the boat to another part of the sea.
(This is probably why I’m still single… it might have something to do with I’m basically a guy myself)

What’s the best pair of shoes a girl could wear on a first date?
Any pair that she can walk at a normal speed in and that doesn’t make her taller than me. If I have to walk painfully slow for you to keep up with me that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the relationship.
DEFINITELY NOT COMBAT BOOTS (I was told to write that…Otherwise, I can’t say I’d care.)
(Sidenote: red headed sister hates my combat boots. 2nd Sidenote: when I received new bro’s responses I was wearing my combat boots and laughed out loud when I read this.)

How many pairs of shoes is reasonable for a girl to own?
As long as she doesn’t need more than 1 suitcase for her shoes and clothes for an overnight trip and/or need an entire closet to fit her shoes in, then I don’t care how many shoes she owns.
I think 8 is fair. I have 4 pairs of shoes that I use on a consistent basis.
Fact: Women are notorious for the inability to part with any clothing, used or not.
(bahahaha. Oh my. 8 pairs of shoes?? Maybe for one outfit!!!)

What’s the most annoying thing “girls” do?
Twirling and flipping their hair constantly and treating their dogs like their children (they are dogs they can sleep on the floor).
(lame new bro… you could have gone with girls in general… not your wife)

What’s the difference between classy and trashy?
Good question. I think it all depends on the moment. As a general rule though, any girl with a tramp stamp is trashy. Any girl with a spray tan and belly button ring combo is trashy. Any girl with a not natural color of hair(ex. Pink, blue etc.) are all trashy.
Trashy = “How much can I do before people disapprove?”
Classy = “What can I do to make people approve more?”

Name one Jane Austen book.
I have no idea but even if I did I probably wouldn’t admit knowing one.
Pride and Prejudice. It was required reading in High School. I used Spark Notes. If I were in High School today, I’d memorize the characters’ names and then watch a season of Downton Abbey the night before the test.
(new bro’s answer is clearly a reflection of having a wife)

Why are women bad drivers?
Because they are women duh
So, you’re admitting that this is true?  This is the part that is still in the “mystery” category for me.  

I think I'm gonna need a second edition of this. If you have any questions you'd like for me to ask, let me know!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Staar Week

Staar week is over!!! Or at least the first round of staar week is over. 

I can only hope my students didn't feel like this during the test: 

My brain feels like mush. I've been deprived of technology for 12 long hours this week and then we had the longest track meet ever last night in the 45 degree weather. Not cool. 

I've never been so happy to say happy Friday!!!