Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My man BFF and I talk about everything... That's how he got the title man BFF to begin with. So recently I was asking Man BFF what I should wear to an event with Duck Dude. (Yes, this is a guy I've recently been seeing, I realize this is the first time he's been mentioned.. But he's not really the point of this story..more to come on that eventually..)

So it's the first time I'll be meeting Duck Dude's fellow duck people, so I asked the man BFF for some fashion advice - "What do I wear to this event??" Cowboy boots will be worn on my feet, but that's as far as I'd gotten outfit wise. For those of you not aware of my shoe obsession, I have black, brown, short brown, and turquoise boots... So really I had nothing narrowed down except to 4 pairs of shoes... and I'm not totally against the idea of going to buy a brand new pair of boots! And I'm gonna guess it's not socially acceptable to show up naked, because that was my next idea. After thinking for a little while, I brought up wearing white jeans for a nice, crisp look and my man BFF responded with this:

I love him for trying. I, somewhat politely, informed him it was Easter, not Memorial Day... And he huffily reminded me he was a man. Touché. 

I also told him not too many people follow that rule anymore (granted, I was totally a die hard one of them in high school). This led into an entirely different conversation about what "hott girls" can wear and what "hott girls" cannot wear. My point was, won't hott girls look good in anything... because they're "hott"! It was definitely a great conversation, and I love my Man BFF for it!

Guess I'll have to go to the sisters for advice on this one.

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  1. You are too funny, Mollie! and Washington and Oregon it IS Memorial day. So your Man BFF is right in my world. I've never heard of Easter being the cut-off day. However, I've also heard that it isn't really followed anymore. :-) Hope you had fun! :-)