Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness/Craziness/Lose your voice from yellingness

I never yell at the tv so much as I do during March Madness. Why can't these college kids do exactly what I plan for them to do?? First off, Baylor did not make it to the tourney this year, so what do they do? They lay an absolute beating on the first team they face in the NIT tournament (112-66). If they do not make it to Madison Square Garden, I will consider the season a bust.

Back to the madness, here is my bracket for the year.

I am a big 12 person to death. Good news? I still have all my final four. There have been years where having that philosophy has royally destroyed me. Bad news? I am already in 8th place this year. 8th place?? I’ve never been in 8th place in my entire life!!! I will take responsibility for picking Blemont over Arizona… but seriously, Harvard?? Is there anyone who actually picked Harvard to win? No way, not feasible. No one goes to Harvard to play sports, way to choke New Mexico… that’s embarrassing. Thanks Oklahoma State, I had you going to the sweet 16.  Good thing it’s early, I’m gonna count on my other “teams” to pull me through this early madness drought.

Hooray for the next 2 weeks where my students work on very important, meaningful, vital activities while I watch game tracker on my computer. Teacher of the year right here, folks.

Here’s to the madness.   

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  1. I may or may not have had the duke game live streaming in class today while my kids played with their math manipulatives :)