Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toast to March

I've decided to start a new blogging tradition. At the end of every month, I'm going to toast to the small things that didn't necessarily need their own blog post, but deserve to at least be mentioned.I'm gonna toast to the little, insignificant things, because I can. 

Here’s to actually having a winter.. not in winter. I want summer.

Here’s to fishing days with my dad… even if we did not catch a single dad-gum fish. It’s the experience, right?

Here’s to becoming a tennis pro…. Eh, decent tennis player again.
Also, here’s to cardio due to being decent at tennis again.

Here’s to my first tan line of the year. (this was pre winter hitting)

Here’s to the baby blonde sister being out of her teenage years. Welcome to the terrrrific twenties!

Here’s to not having a flexible work schedule. I really wanted to accept that eye lash model/free lash extensions offer… my students don’t need me three days before STAAR.

Here’s to chapstick with spf and making my lips look like whales. (yes, I have an spf allergy).

Here's to Sunday Fundays.

Bring on April.

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