Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Maternity Clothes

Confession: I own many items from the Target maternity section. 
Why? Because I like their clothes. Most of the time they are comfortable, non form fitting, and excellent for teaching.

Next confession: Ok fine, I don’t wear them all for teaching, sometimes I wear them out too, but I swear you would not ever be able to tell which of my clothes are maternity!! (unless, of course, you looked at the tag where it says it).

They are mainly wrap dresses, skirts, or cute tops. Examples 


(Fyi: I've never actually been to the maternity section of the Target website... when I went to find pictures of their cute maternity clothes I realized in each of their pictures they have a stomach stuffed into the clothes. Therefore I had to search for a while to find examples where you might be able to imagine them as real clothes instead of maternity!)

And to prove I really do wear the maternity clothes.. a few pictures of me in some of my maternity clothes! 
Ignore the wrinkles.. I wore it to my brunch on Sunday
and it literally came out of my suitcase for the picture
The best I could get by myself.
So before you think I’m crazy… next time you’re in Target just stroll through the section. Thank me later. 

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