Monday, April 22, 2013

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

I had another marvelous weekend. Duck Dude and I went catfishing. We learned something: Apparently most people do not like to fish and most people would most certainly never take a girl fishing. Some of the reactions we got: 
"You're taking her fishing??"            
"Are you crazy?"
"You are willingly going??  You are such a trooper."
"You have 6 heads with a couple fins and might possibly be able to fly/swim kind of like the super old school movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?"

You're right. No one said the last one, but I swear that's how they looked at us. No, duck dude didn't force me to go. No, I didn't have to "troop" through anything. I might have even gone as far as telling Duck Dude it was my favorite weekend we've spent together. I love fishing. I've grown up fishing. It actually makes me get super nostalgic and tell stories about my dad and Pappy and fishing with them. 
See, I told you. I need that tan again.
I think it's relaxing and exciting and not boring at all. Especially when you enjoy the company you're with and have a little bit of Texas country playing in the background. 
Koal loved the ride up there. 

Here fishy fishy. Found him!

The precious cafe where we ate Sunday lunch
And today I believe I'm actually going to hit the gym, because my biceps may or may not be sore from reeling the fish in. 

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